23 tweets about the Women’s March that prove females are strong as hell

We’re not crying over Women’s March tweets, you’re crying over Women’s March tweets… Or at least you’re about to, because this is some powerful stuff coming together across the internet right now.

As recently as two weeks ago, we expected tens of thousands of women to join today’s protest. By yesterday, those numbers were up to 200,000 marching in Washington, and over 10 times as many in Women’s Marches around the world. There are so many reasons why the Women’s March is important. Some of them, like proving that women’s rights are human rights, are universal. Others are much more personal, and remind us that at moments like these, we need to listen at least as much as we speak up.

Unto the breach

Yesterday was a rough day, but tweets from women on their way to Washington, D.C. kept us hopeful.

Andrea Addario tweeted that 60% of passengers on her flight from Toronto were Women’s March-bound. Hundreds more Canadian women traveled across the border by bus.

In the wake of reports that U.S. border guards denied entry to would-be Canadian marchers, the news of sister buses making it through called for celebration. false

Across America, women hashtagged their travel photos #planesfullofnastywomen. (Although you could probably guess where the crowds were headed from the pink pussy hats…)


The London Women’s March drew an estimated 100,000 people.

Even Mayor Sidiq Khan was in attendance.

Also, Sir Ian McKellan.

In Paris, crowds stretched as far as the eye could see.

So amazing.

Women in Kenya came together to march.

Protesters gathered in Ghana, too.

This was the scene in Providence.

People filled the streets in St. Louis.

The crowd in Minnesota was at least 60,000 strong – and probably more.

And even in Antarctica, people added their voices to the movement.

But most of all, we are completely in awe of the news from D.C.

And this was the image we all wanted to see.

And the award for best sign goes to….

We’re totally feeling this sign, which seemed to hit the nail on the head: “too many issues to fit on one sign.” false

One member of the London march held up a sign that said “When you’ve been privileged, equality feels like oppression.”


Filling us with hope for the next generation, these boys marched holding signs that read, “Boys will be boys good humans.”

This dog wore a sign that reads “I march 4 my moms.”

But this hand-drawn sign says it all: “Love not hate makes America great.”

March on, America.

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