I’m making 23 my Michael Jordan year

They say your 23rd year is supposed to be magical because it is your Michael Jordan year. For those that don’t subscribe to sports, Michael Jordan is that main bald guy in Space Jam and 23 just so happens to be the number that appeared on his real-life basketball jersey when he served as what the NBA site calls “…the greatest basketball player of all time.” Magical man, magical number, magical year.

Anyway, my MJ year is fast approaching so I wanted to take a moment to note the 23 ways I’d like to use up all the potential magic that this year claims to possess. Or at least attempt to fulfill all of those ignored New Year’s resolutions that have been piling up.

Join a team, club, or some sort of group-oriented organization

I’m still new in town and this would be a sure-fire way to make new friends.

Learn how to properly apply eyeliner

Yes, I am nearly 23 and I can’t draw a cat-eye to save my life. But I’m finally ready and willing to learn.

Sign up for a gym membership

I’ll admit it, I’ve never had a gym membership in my life. I’d like to change that.

Actually attend the gym once aforementioned membership is attained

I can already tell that this is going to be the toughest item to accomplish, but I’m up to the challenge.

Learn to cook

Pasta is my only specialty and it’s getting old. It’s about time I enhanced my modest culinary abilities.

For every 30 minutes of Netflix, let there be 30 minutes of reading

If I’m going to have a Netflix marathon, I might as well have a reading marathon too.

Eat better breakfasts

 One banana has never and will never successfully carry me through the day on its own.

Journal more

So far, January 1st was my only entry in 2016. Seems I’ve lost my New Year’s verve, but I plan to get back on track!

Buy white shoes and keep them white

This means suppressing any desire to wear them to a stomp-happy concert. 

Finish ALL of my new unread books before making any further bookstore purchases

This will be a test in discipline because I have a tendency to get a little overzealous on visits to my local bookshop.

No more soda. I repeat: No. More. Soda.

From now on, I will pack waters with my work lunch and ignore the soft drinks section of restaurant menus.

I vow to stop sleeping with my phone directly under my pillow

 I shall place it far across my bedroom and away from my restless fingers.

Make a better effort to get to know my co-workers

I see them more than I see my family at this point, and yet, my co-workers are still a mystery to me. I will fix this by eating in the staff lounge more often.

Incorporate fewer Drake lyrics into my daily vernacular 

My friends and family would appreciate this very much. Very, very much.

Practice the art of snail mail more frequently

I have friends in faraway places that are deserving of some letters written on pretty stationary.

Do more freelance work

My goal is to make at least two pitches and/or accept two writing assignments per week.

Write for fun, not just for freelance assignments

I’d like to set aside more time each month to write creatively–even if it means I’ll be the only person reading it.

Finish that one cross stitch project that’s just sitting on the bookshelf all pitiful and dejected

I have embroidery floss galore and I intend to use it. All of it.

Go for more walks

No, walks to and from the kitchen don’t count. I will drag my butt outside and get to know my neighborhood on foot.

Make my current position more meaningful while searching for my dream job

Rather than allowing myself to be miserable in this post-grad transition period, I think I’ll start to take more pride in what I’m doing now and before I know it, I’ll be where I want to be.

Do more community service

Meager online donations won’t cut it–I’m not making the money, but I can definitely make the time.

Make the most of my weeknights

I spend most of my weeknights curled up in a ball with my laptop and it is high time I switched things up. I’ll start making middle-of-the-week plans with friends, attend local events, and maybe check out a live show or two. 

Forgive myself if I don’t do any of these

Another year is another year, but it’s OK not to be perfect. I promise.

May all of my fellow soon-to-be-23’ers experience the magic that they’ve been promised!  (Photo via Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images)

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