Organization tips for busy 20-somethings

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Life in your 20’s can be busy: It can feel like you’re rushing from back-to-back work meetings to hair appointments to dinners with friends on a daily basis. Whether you’re a busy working woman or juggling multiple school projects, it goes without saying that we could all afford to be a little more organized. But fear not, Gigglers: We have your back. Whether you need help keeping your house in order or figuring out your hectic schedule, here are a few tips for a more organized you.


At first, this may seem obvious. But having somewhere to immediately write things down will save you a ton of time and worry. We’re all about a pretty paper planner, but using your phone works, too.

Wall calendar

No matter your age, crossing off the days always helps. In addition to having a planner for your day-to-day, a wall calendar helps you see the big picture and what’s on the horizon.

Accordion files

From important receipts to miscellaneous bills, we all end up drowning in paper clutter at one point or another. Accordion files are a great way to keep loose papers in order and easily accessible.

Vision boards

Whether you want to plan out your fall wardrobe or get excited for your upcoming vacation, keep all your ideas in one place with a mood board. Pinterest is perfect for this, but an old-fashioned cork board works just as well.

A cleaning schedule

While not exactly a tangible item, setting up a schedule for cleaning up your home helps make the whole process a lot more manageable. Rather than one massive deep clean every week (or three), try cleaning your bedroom on Mondays; living room on Tuesdays; bathroom on Wednesdays; and kitchen on Thursdays.

To-do lists

Nothing is more helpful in prioritizing than writing down everything you need to do. Whether you choose to go the old-fashioned route (there are tons of cute options on Etsy for notepads) or prefer an app, you can’t go wrong.

Something to track your finances

You’ll never have to wonder where your last paycheck went again! Whether you devise your own system in an Excel document, or choose one of the many apps available that organize things for you, keeping track of your money is an absolute must.


Along with the obvious, bookshelves are the perfect place to display knick-knacks, souvenirs, and other pretty things you want to show off.

Label maker

While it may seem like a simple purchase, having a label maker comes in handy. Whether you want to organize your pantry or your bathroom shelves, it’s the perfect way to guarantee everything has its place.

A pretty tray for loose jewelry

Keep your everyday jewelry close at hand and on display. Get into the habit of dropping your keys off here, too, and you’ll never rush around the house looking for your daily necessities again.

Acrylic cases for makeup

Trying to organize makeup is probably one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to keeping things tidy. Acrylic cases let you get a good view of everything you have while still looking neat.

“Want” and “Need” lists

Impulse buys happen to the best of us, but they can be kept to a minimum by keeping track of all the things you need and want. If the item you’re thinking about purchasing isn’t on your list, hold off. If you’re still thinking about it, add it to your want list and go from there.

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