These Are the *Absolute* Best Tweets From This Year’s Grammy Awards

There's a lot of Harry Styles thirst. A lot.

Award shows are all well and good, but you know what might actually be better? Those of us at home tweeting our many opinions while we watch. That’s exactly what we’re all doing while watching Sunday night’s Grammy Awards ceremony. The show may be a little different this year—COVID-safe and socially distanced with no audience—but the performances were fire as ever. And that means the tweets have been rolling in with *so* much to say.

Harry Styles kicked off the show with a performance of his mega hit “Watermelon Sugar,” clad in a leather suit and absolutely no shirt underneath it. He did, however, accessorize with a mint green boa, and when we say that people have been tripping over themselves to tweet about this look, we really, really mean it.

That’s not to say there weren’t a few jokes when it came to Styles’s look. It’s bound to happen and it’s all in good fun…

Styles’s performance isn’t the only one garnering attention, though. Perhaps it’s the lack of live performances over the last year, but Twitter largely seems to just be vibing with all of the artists taking the stage tonight.

There were some questions, though…

Listen, DaBaby’s performance was *flawless* and we’ll hear nothing more on the matter. You know what else has been flawless? The women. So many women were nominated, and so many of them are taking home trophies, and we love to see it! So does Twitter.

And it’s no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift’s performance was widely loved by absolutely everyone.

There was also a whole lot of love for Beyoncé.

Thanks for a fun night, Twitter!

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