Here’s how Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and other celebrities celebrated the 2018 Women’s March

The 2018 Women’s March brought another round of rabble-rousing women and allies to the streets around the U.S. and beyond. It was an impressive showing of strength, power, and hope. This year’s march was an inspiring follow-up to the 2017 Women’s March, which hosted an estimated 5 million marchers at the 673 organized marches around the world.

The 2018 Women’s March presented the same inspiring spirit that the original march did one year ago. Between Viola Davis’ empowering speech at the Los Angeles march and Halsey’s powerful poem at the New York march, the U.S. was filled with feminism from coast to coast.

Besides Davis and Halsey, plenty of other celebs attended the marches as “regular people.” While you don’t usually see a whole section of celebs protesting patriarchal oppression in magazines’ “Stars, they’re just like us” sections, this week, you just might. Plenty of female celebs hit the pavement with the rest of us, from Jennifer Lawrence and Adele to Drew Barrymore and Zoë Kravitz. It’s not a big surprise, though, considering how the Time’s Up movement and the #MeToo movement have diffused through the industry. The fierce ladies of Hollywood were ready for the 2018 Women’s March, and the pictures of them attending do not disappoint.

Here are some of the best celeb snapshots from this year’s protest!

Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, and Adele joined forces at the 2018 Women’s March.

And they took one of the most star-powered selfies ever.

Zoë Kravitz posed mid-march.

With the cutest co-marcher too.

Elizabeth Banks donned the 2017 march’s official uniform: a pink pussyhat.

The actress also spoke at the Los Angeles Women’s March.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore one too.

And she had a special message to share: VOTE!

Lupita Nyong’o repped Black Power and the Time’s Up movement.

She covered all her bases with one Instagram post.

Nyong’o shared more snaps, featuring a whole slew of celebs and some amazing protest signs.

Drew Barrymore shared an emotional video of herself while marching.

Between the crying and the laughing, she captured the moment beautifully.

Amy Schumer shared her own marching dispatch.

Including a selfie with friends Lauren Benanti and Amber Tamblyn.

Billie Lourd posted a picture on her Instagram Story with a meaningful tribute.

Her late mother, Carrie Fisher, is an icon of the resistance.


Mila Kunis marched with husband Ashton Kutcher.

The couple that marches together, stays together.

Mindy Kaling posted a tribute to the 2018 Women’s March from home.

Sharing — or Chering — her solidarity.

Natalie Portman shared a photo of herself speaking at the Los Angeles Women’s March.

In a moving speech, Portman talked about her experience with being over-sexualized as a minor, and how it made her feel unsafe.

There were even more celebs who showed up at the 2018 Women’s March, and it was a great opportunity for all women and allies to join together.

This is girl power to the highest degree. Keep it up, ladies.

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