Is the 2018 nor’easter coming to Philadelphia? Here’s what we know

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, as the saying goes. And it may only be March 1st, but so far this old expression is proving true as a wicked nor’easter drifts toward the East Coast. Winter Storm Riley promises to bring freezing winds, heavy snow, and delayed flights aplenty, but before you stock up for the snowpocalypse, you should know whether the 2018 nor’easter will hit your hometown. Here’s how much you should worry if you live in Philadelphia.

According to the Washington Post, Upstate New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts will see the heaviest snowfall during this storm. But Philly folks will be affected, too. The Post forecasts that the city could see between one and three inches of snowfall from March 2nd to March 4th.

And aside from snow, Philadelphia should be on the lookout for flooding. Local ABC affiliate WPVI-TV reported that the city will experience heavy rains and that a flood watch is in place from tonight, March 1st, to tomorrow, March 2nd. The local news channel also warned about frigid winds, which could reach speeds of up to 65 mph along the coast and 55 mph inland on March 2nd and March 3rd.

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Gusts of wind are expected to be so strong that they could knock down trees and power lines. The National Weather Service also reports that power outages are likely to result from these winds, and that they will make driving difficult.

With such high winds and so much rain, the 2018 nor’easter is likely to bring dangerous conditions. So make sure you have plenty of supplies, and be prepared to spend the weekend inside and off the roads. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

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