When is the 2018 midterm primary election in your state? Here’s all the info you need

It may seem hard to believe, but midterm election season is already upon us, which means that 2018 midterm primary elections are about to begin. While midterm primaries might seem small, they’re actually super important. If you’re able to vote, we recommend that you find out when the midterm primary elections are in your state and show up to the polls!

Midterm primaries are when political parties determine which candidates will run in the general midterm elections happening on November 6th, 2018. The actual midterms are held at the middle of the four-year presidential term, and this year we’ll be voting for members of Congress — specifically, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and about 34 seats in the Senate (as well as a slew of smaller positions). The 2018 midterm elections are especially important, as they’ll determine whether or not the Republican party  keeps their majority in the House and the Senate. And the 2018 midterm primaries determine who will be running in each party.

Research has shown that voter turnout drops significantly during midterm elections and is even lower when it comes to the midterm primaries. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! See below to find out when the midterm primary will happen in your state so you can help determine who you’ll get to vote for on November 6th. (And, FYI, a “runoff date” occurs when the first date doesn’t yield conclusive results, and they only apply to certain states. We indicated runoff dates when they applied).

Alabama: June 5th (runoff date: July 17th)

Alaska: August 21th

Arizona: August 28th

Arkansas: May 22th (runoff date: June 19th)

California: June 5th

Colorado: June 26th

Connecticut: August 14th

Delaware: September 6th

Florida: August 28th

Georgia: May 22th (runoff date: July 24th)

Hawaii: August 11th

Idaho: May 15th

Illinois: March 20th

Indiana: May 8th

Iowa: June 5th

Kansas: August 7th

Kentucky: May 22th

Louisiana: November 6th (runoff date: December 8th)

Maine: June 12th

Maryland: June 26th

Massachusetts: September 4th

Michigan: August 7th

Minnesota: August 14th

Mississippi: June 5th (runoff date: June 26th)

Missouri: August 7th

Montana: June 5th

Nebraska: May 15th

Nevada: June 12th

New Hampshire: September 11th

New Jersey: June 5th

New Mexico: June 5th

New York: September 11th

North Carolina: May 8th

North Dakota: June 12th

Ohio: May 8th

Oklahoma: June 26 (runoff date: August 28)

Oregon: May 15th

Pennsylvania: May 15th

Rhode Island: September 12th

South Carolina: June 12th (runoff date: June 26th)

South Dakota: June 5th

Tennessee: August 2nd

Texas: March 6th (runoff date: May 22nd)

Utah: June 26th

Vermont: August 14th

Virginia: June 12th

Washington: August 7th

West Virginia: May 8th

Wisconsin: August 14th

Wyoming: August 21st

Midterm primaries are the first step in making some big changes in Washington, so if you’re looking to do that, make sure to take some time on the appropriate date for your state and vote! Because your voice makes a difference.