2018 hurricane season is supposed to be bad — will you be affected?

Even now, the effects of the powerful 2017 hurricane season are still being felt. Within the continental United States, major hurricanes hit Texas and Florida, and Puerto Rico is still reeling after Hurricane Maria. And Scientists have just made their first predictions about the 2018 hurricane season, which looks like it will be another active one.

Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University released their annual forecast today, April 5th, predicting a slightly above-average season. As of now, scientists are expecting 14 named storms to brew over the Atlantic coast of the United States, with seven of those expected to become hurricanes and three strong enough to be classified as major hurricanes. There is a 63 percent chance that at least one major hurricane will make landfall in the U.S. and a 52 percent likelihood of landfall in the Caribbean.

The good news is that this year is forecast to have fewer storms than last year, which saw a whopping 17 named storms that included six major hurricanes. That being said, which states have the largest chance of being hit by a hurricane this year?


According to the CSU forecast team’s State Landfall Probability Table, the Sunshine State has a 62 percent chance of experiencing a hurricane. So if you live in Florida, it’s best to be prepared for stormy weather.

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After being pummeled by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Texas is the second most likely state to experience a hurricane in 2018. According to the table, there is a 42 percent chance that the state will get hit.


Not far behind Texas is Louisiana, which faces a 38 percent likelihood of hurricane landfall this year.

North Carolina

With CSU’s table citing a 36 percent hurricane probability for North Carolina, the state has a much lower chance of being hit than Florida. But the possibility of a storm is still relatively high.

South Carolina

CSU believes there is less than a 25 percent chance that South Carolina will see a hurricane, but this state still rounds out the top five.

Of course, the 2018 hurricane season doesn’t begin until June 1st, so a lot could change before then. To combat this, CSU will issue updated reports on May 31st, July 2nd, and August 2nd. But unfortunately, the university’s estimates only represent what could happen, not what will happen, so if you live on the Atlantic coast, it’s best to be prepared.

We’re hoping that the 2018 hurricane season doesn’t hit too hard. Stay safe, everyone!

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