These are the top 5 home decor trends of 2018, according to Pinterest

One of our goals as we inch closer to 2018 is to *really* commit to making our homes as comfortable, serene, and in line with our personal style as possible. After spending much of the past year inviting ourselves over to see how our favorite designersentrepreneurs, and art collectors live, we have a decent amount of inspiration to run with. But because more is more here at Coveteur, we hit up our friends at Pinterest for some intel on the decor trends that are about to be everywhere. Time to pencil in a trip to Home Depot.

1Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

+269% searches

Our appreciation for a luxe bathroom knows no bounds. (We did, after all, put a bathtub on the cover of our book.) Clearly we’re not alone, as saves for “spa bathrooms” are up.

2Heavy Metal

+423% saves

Pairing your rose gold earrings with your platinum chain? Do the same with the fixtures in your house—“mixed metal” saves jumped this year.

3Terrazzo Flooring

+316% saves

The ’70s are officially back, to the tune of a threefold increase in saves for “terrazzo,” one of the decade’s most beloved types of flooring.

4Statement Ceilings

+310% saves

An increase in saves for “statement ceiling” has us dreaming of bedecking our own with designer wallpaper or a bold pop of color.

5Bone Inlays

+207% saves

Saves for “bone inlay” are up, suggesting that ornate dressers and end tables are a great idea for 2018.

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