What we can look forward to in 2017, according to ‘Parks and Recreation’

I know we’re only a month into 2015, but Parks and Recreation is really getting me pumped for 2017. In the episodes that have aired so far, our favorite Pawneeans are two years ahead of us and they are owning it. Seriously, everyone is successful and I wouldn’t want it any other way. They’ve also dropped some pop cultures references that are just too good to be true. But I hope they are.


Andy has his own shown! Featuring Terry/Larry/Jerry/Gary! And ninjas!

Kevin James is the new Jason Bourne and Leslie thinks he’s perfect

Khaleesi marries Jack Sparrow in the Game of Thrones finale.

Hitch 2: Son of Hitch

Starring Jaden Smith. And a killer pair of shoes.

The Cubs have won a world series

I’m a Yankees fan, but Chicago hasn’t celebrated since 1908 – let’s make this happen, guys.


The best day of the year! In a fabulous location!

OK, let’s get real, Knope fans. Here are some things not to look forward to in 2017:

The possibility that Ron and Leslie could ever NOT be friends

Without spoiling too much, an incident referred to as “Morning Star” severed their ties, and Leslie believes Ron betrayed her, referring to him in the first few episodes “former stranger person I used to friend.”

Will we really have to face a Ron-and-Leslie-less 2017?

(Spoiler Alert: No. Not for too long. A sleepover in the parks department and the defeat of flying robots brings our favorite duo back together. You read that right – Flying. Robots.)

The original parks team has been split down the middle!

The Newport family is selling a big chunk of land to the highest bidder – Gryzzl wants to make a corporate campus and Leslie wants save it as a national park:

Team Gryzzl / Ron (owner ofVery Good Building and Development Company)

Tom (owner of Tom’s Bistro)

Donna (owner of Regal Meagle Reality)

Team National Parks Service / Leslie

Ben (Pawnee’s Man of the Year – of course)

Andy (parks employee/TV rock star)

April (might become a troll and live under a bridge)

Terry (getting used to his new name)

Will the gang ever get back together?

Gryzzl is slowly starting to control Pawnee

But not if the old parks team has anything to do with it! Cue reunion!

Nicki Minaj “throws shade” at Jesse Eisenberg at the BAFTAS

Fight over nominations? Lover’s quarrel?

The closing of J.J.’s Diner

No thanks to Dennis Feinstein. After thwarting Tom’s efforts into the fragrance industry (Tommy Fresh), he’s now threatening the livelihood of Leslie and Ron. We can only hope the waffles will be saved.


The beloved show will be over, but perhaps some of their 2017 predictions will be true.

Catch the back-to-back episodes while you still can on Tuesdays at 8 pm (NBC).

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