The 2016 MTV VMA nominations are in, and it’s all about Beyoncé and Adele

All year, we listen to our favorite music, anxiously awaiting It’s our favorite time of the year, the 2016 MTV VMA nominations! And who’s killing it in 2016?

Now, get in formation and we’ll tell you who’s up for a coveted award.

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Why, badass ladies like Beyoncé and Adele, of course.

Bey cemented her #1 position this year when she released Lemonade, which literally broke every record and left fans craving more, moremore. Her influence extends far beyond music, though. She gives us #hairgoals, creates perfect music videos, and responds well under pressure like a ladyboss.

Adele has also been at the top of her game since her album dropped, but we love her for so many other things, like the fact that she twerks, channels her inner-Harry Potter, and pranks Jamba Juice with Ellen!

These are two of our favorite women, in case that wasn’t clear.

And if you were thinking the celebration and excitement doesn’t end there. Ariana Grande and Rihanna follow with multiple nominations, as well as Florence + the Machine and FKA twigs. So it’s officially set to be a stellar night of success for amazing women in pop music.

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If you were wondering, yes, male stars were also nominated for VMAs. Justin Bieber and Drake lead the pack, which is great and everything, but our eyes are on our two favorite singers, basically ever.

The award show is happening on August 28th, and here’s hoping Beyoncé and Adele perform musical numbers, because that would make our wildest dreams come true.

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Huge congratulations to all the nominees! We can’t wait to congratulate the winners (i.e. Queen Bey and Adele).

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