Someone turned 2016 into a horror movie trailer, and yup, seems about right

It’s the horror movie we never wanted to see, but, here are are, living it anyway. 2016 has been, without a doubt, the worst. It’s like the whole year is out to get us, all 365 days of it — SORRY, 366 days, because we got a bonus awful day of 2016, because this year was a Leap Year, and when will the madness end?!

If you feel this way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. All we can do now is pat ourselves on the back for surviving everything, and maybe one day, sometime in the future, we can laugh about this trash fire of a year. If you’re looking to start laughing right now, the best way to relive 2016 is via a horror movie trailer, and yeah, this seems about right.

YouTubers Friend Dog Studios just released 2016: The Movie. As the video’s description reads: It’s the horror movie of the year. Literally.

Sure, on January 1st, 2016 everything SEEMED FINE. Then it was all very NOT fine.

“Things just don’t feel normal,” the video’s leading lady says to her boyfriend and OMG WATCH OUT BECAUSE 2016 IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

Awful highlights from 2016 include (but are not limited to): The death of so many of our favorite celebrities, Harambe, those exploding cell phones, Brexit, Trump, and the mannequin challenge.

Watch the scariest movie about 2016 that literally IS 2016 — if you dare.