The best Emmys photos are the ones you didn’t see on TV

The Emmys, like all awards shows, are fun to watch if you like seeing the most famous people in the world all dressed up, winning awards for your favorite shows, while coming together to create one massive Hollywood supernova of talent and poise. No one’s going to deny that the 2016 Emmys were packed with plenty of onscreen action from the red carpet to the ceremony itself… but the best part of the Emmys is truly the stuff you didn’t see on TV. Seriously.

Thankfully, celebs love to take to social media snaps during awards shows to post all about the fun stuff happening that cameras don’t catch, from Heidi Klum gracefully eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with juice box, of course!) from Jimmy Kimmel’s mom, careful not to spill on her sparkly silver gown, to Leslie Jones’ epic selfies with pretty much everyone in attendance. These are the best moments from the Emmys that weren’t shown on your screen.

Amy Schumer’s epic accidental Laurence Fishburne photobomb.

And, of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ similar dilemma with Larry David.

Heidi Klum and the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, enjoying their PB&J.

So did Sofia Vergara and the stars of Modern Family!

In fact, Sofia rounded her meal out with a few nutritious apples. Yum.

Sarah Paulson was the only person shocked by her long-deserved win.

Our favorite Friday Night Lights couple reunited for a smiley selfie.

Kerry Washington had a full-on selfie fest.

So did Leslie Jones.

And Leslie had the only appropriate reaction to her friend Kate McKinnon’s win.

Basically, we’re all sitting here now wondering how we can get invited to next year’s Emmys. So fun, right?

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