Yes! Here’s what Pinterest’s top searches of the year teach us

With 2016 only a few days away (sheesh, where did the year go?), we’re pretty much being bombarded with year-end lists of all varieties. TBH it’s been kind of fun revisiting the best of 2015. And well, the worst. (Remember the dress? You know…THE dress. Oh how quickly we forget, amirite?) Memories fade fast in the digital age. So in case you’re wondering what amazing things you and other social media users have been excited about throughout the year, Pinterest just announced their top ten searches of 2015. And the results are all over the map. Literally.

“Iceland” was the third most searched for term on Pinterest in 2015. While we’re a little surprised to see it so far up on the list, we’re totally onboard with Iceland. In fact, we LOVE Iceland. Fun fact: according to the BBC, one in ten people living in Iceland will write and publish a book. It’s one of the best places in the world for writers and literature lovers. Sign us up!

Also on the geography/cultural front, the 8th most searched term on Pinterest during 2015 was “Scandinavian Interiors.” Yes, we’re looking at you IKEA. From your amazing sofas and tables with their crazy, impossible-to-pronounce names to your awesome meatballs, you’re simply the bomb. And apparently, everyone on Pinterest knows it.

“Bathroom Storage” was another biggie, turning up at number 6, right behind “pallet projects” at number 5. So it’s looking like when people want to redecorate or have a home improvement project in mind, Pinterest is their go-to social media platform. But we also head over there for recipes, don’t we? (Seriously, at every holiday party I attended this year, I overheard the words “I found the recipe on Pinterest!” at least three times. It was almost enough to make me feel guilty about the cupcakes I picked up at my local bakery. Emphasis on almost.) Apparently, everyone went vegan this year because “vegan recipes” ranked as the 9th most searched term. We’re actually really glad to hear this. Sometimes vegan and veggie options are still hard to find when dining out. Are you listening restaurants of the world?! We want our chickpeas and vegan burgers, and we want them now.

On the fashion and beauty front, the 7th most popular search was for “small tattoos.” (No word on where “super gigantic tattoos” turned up, although we really want to know.) The 2nd was “lob hairstyles” (as a heads up, lob = longer bob), which should come as no surprise since In Style declared it The Haircut that Works on Everyone. The 4th most popular search term was “men’s fashions.” Now that one is kind of a shocker, considering that 80 percent of Pinterest users are female, with a whopping 92% of pins made by women. Whoa. Look out, men. It appears the women in your life have definite opinions about how they’d like you to dress.

So what hit number 1? The most popular search words on Pinterest for 2015 were…(insert drumroll)….Harry Potter. Way to go, J.K. Rowling. The Muggles on Pinterest think you rock. (Probably because you totally do.) The final spot in the top ten was also snagged by a book: Alice in Wonderland. Which only tells me what I already suspected. We love good books.

Check out the list below for a glimpse of the top 10 again in numerical order. But remember, 2016 could look completely different. After all, Alice in Wonderland herself said, “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” But really, we wouldn’t want it any other way. 2016. Bring. It. On.

1. Harry Potter

2. Lob hairstyle

3. Iceland

4. Men’s fashion

5. Pallet projects

6. Bathroom storage

7. Small tattoos

8. Scandinavian Interiors

9. Vegan recipes

10. Alice in Wonderland

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