FYI: This is what a $20,000 a night hotel room looks like

So you’re looking to spend your entire savings — and then some — on a night’s stay at one of the most luxurious vacation spots ever? We have just the place for you! This Kardashian and Beyoncé-approved Costa Rican site is called Villa Manzu, and one night here costs $20,000. But honestly, that’s not too bad considering what you get for that money (well, okay. It’s bad. But let’s just drool over this together, okay?).

According to UPROXX writer, Steve Bramucci, Villa Manzu’s high-profile guests keep coming back for the privacy and the luxury service. The client can ask for any service at any time (for no extra charge) and is in complete control of their vacation experience.

Plus, just look at how beautiful this room is! That’s luxury at its finest!

“Okay,” you’re saying, “but this place still costs $20,000 a night! You’re going to have to sell me more than just no extra fees.” To that we say, fair.

First of all, that $20,000 gets you the entire property. You essentially buy out the entire villa plus the staff, food, drinks, and transportation. That also means you can fit 15-17 guests within the sprawling mansion — so get your friends to pitch in and the price per night suddenly becomes slightly less unreasonable.

Bramucci said that Villa Manzu’s service is what makes it such an incredible experience. For example, after Bramucci became distracted by his poolside rum drink and sashimi, he accidentally left his novel on the side table, but it miraculously turned up in his room later — the page saved with a swanky leather bookmark!

That’s borderline magic!

All of it is borderline magic!!!

Good lord. Villa Manzu, we’re coming for you (once we save up enough money and convince 50 of our friends to splurge with us).

But once that happens, we’re sold!

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