Almost 20 years later, this is how Leo feels about making ‘Titanic’

Be honest. How much of your day do spend wondering what Leonardo DiCaprio is thinking and feeling?

Honest answer: All of it.


Well, recently the Hollywood mega-star has reflected about one of his most iconic roles, finally given us a little insight into what is happening behind those swoon-worthy eyes.


In a recent interview with DeadlineLeo called filming Titanic “an experiment,” saying he and Kate Winslet (his uber-talented and oh-so-lucky costar) had only done smaller, more experiemental movies at that point in time and weren’t sure about filming a movie like this. According to Leo, Kate encouraged him, saying “Let’s do this together. We can do this.”

And boy did they.


Little did either of them know or realize that the “this” they were talking about would turn into one of the highest-grossing films of all time and would catapult both of them into permanent superstardom.

In the interview, Leo added that he used his fame as a blessing to do the types of films he wanted to do, knowing that people would now finance them.

Basically, he always knew what he wanted, got to do one of the biggest films of all time with one of the most amazing actresses in the world, and then used that film’s success to continue to do the types of films he wanted to do. Because he’s amazing.

As if we didn’t already know that.


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