20 years ago, everyone did the macarena at the DNC and it’s clearly important to watch this

When pop culture and politics intersect, it can make for some pretty cool moments, like all of the celebrities singing “Our Fight Song” in support of Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, or the numerous star-studded performances that took place during the recent political gathering. Hopefully, when we look back on these moments in the future, we’ll still be able to appreciate the way trends are incorporated into the political scene. Or perhaps we’ll look back on the past with laughter and serious secondhand embarrassment, like we did after watching this must-see throwback video of everyone doing the Macarena at the 1996 DNC. false

Basically, the video left us feeling the way most people do when presented with visual evidence of their face palm-worthy nostalgic moments (we’re lookin’ at you, scrunchie shirts and bucket hats).

Also, after seeing an entire crowd unabashedly grooving to the macarena, we have a few questions.

First of all, why was the macarena a thing?! #QTNA

Seriously, we need answers. It took the world by storm, because…???

More importantly, why wasn’t Hillary doing the dance?

After watching the video, it’s obvious that she had some commitment issues when it came to doing the popular dance full out. Much like her pink suit, pearls and spritzed-to-death bob hairdo, she appeared reluctant to let loose. Her enthusiasm was palpable, but a hand clap and a plastered on smile does not the macarena make, Hillary.

Last question: Will Hillary bust a move if she wins the presidency?

Becoming the country’s first female president would certainly be cause for Hillary to show us her best one, two step — as long as it’s not the macarena.

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