20 Things We Need to See Next Season on ‘New Girl’

I’ve only been a New Girl fan for a year, but as soon as I saw the show, I was so inspired by the characters and story that I actually moved from NYC to LA to pursue TV writing. That’s how magical Liz Meriwether’s brainchild is. I have the awesome FOX series to thank for so many things, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve seen every single episode (many of them multiple times) and am eagerly awaiting season four, which premieres in less than two months.

Who needs summer when you can have a fresh batch of New Girl installments? I’m counting down to September 16, that’s for sure. New Girl has come a long way since its 2011 debut and even the start of season three, so here’s what I’d like to happen in the upcoming season.

20. Jess should take down her super-famous rival

New Girl is known for bringing on cool guests like Taylor Swift, Adam Brody, Linda Cardellini, and Jamie Lee Curtis, and the hit show will coming back swinging in episode one with an appearance by Jessica Biel. The 7th Heaven alum is reportedly going to play Jess’s rival at a wedding and the two will be going after the same guy. After a tough season three breakup, I want to see Jess win this one.

19. Cece and Schmidt should completely clear the air

We know things got awkward early last season when Schmidt just had to be a two-timing cad, but I’d like to see these two finally make things right again and not simply tolerate each other. That doesn’t mean they have to date, I’d actually prefer to see Cece with someone else, but I want to know they’re really OK now.

18. The douchebag jar needs to make a comeback

Though it appeared in the pilot, we only saw it a few times until Schmidt unceremoniously moved out of the loft in season three. Now that he’s seen the light and is living with his BFFs once again, I want the douchebag jar to get some serious screen time! Let’s be real, Schmidt makes a lot of silly remarks, all of which warrant a larger presence from the jar.

17. More Ferguson

Remember that time Winston adopted a furry friend (and by adopted, I mean stole from his inconsiderate hookup buddy) and became the male equivalent of a cat lady? Give us more of that! Come back, Ferguson!

16. Cece liking work

Cece used to be a well-paid, desirable model, but last season, she started working as a bartender and seemingly lost her identity as a cool, confident girl. I miss the days when Cece loved what she did. I hope to see her owning whatever profession she has in season four—whether as a bartender, model or something completely different—and satisfied with the results. She deserves to be fulfilled!

15. Nick and Jess ought to be on good terms

It really hurt to see their relationship crumble in season three, but these two aren’t children. They’re actually pretty mature and seemed to handle the breakup well. I want their easy rapport  to continue in season four. Also, thank you to the writers for not giving this pair a messy split. New Girl is a relatively drama-free show and that’s one of the many reasons it’s authentic and brilliant.

14. But they should also bicker from time to time

Nick and Jess ended things because they missed the friendship they once had, and part of that dynamic involved heated discussions. It makes their relationship that much more interesting, and I’m holding out hope that they’ll restore it in season four. The more they get under each other’s skin for little things, the closer they are.

13. Jess or Nick must have a new love interest

And there will definitely be jealousy, even though Jess and Nick claim their love for each other is purely platonic.

12. Winston needs to feel like he’s doing valuable work

Winston has bounced around from job to job over the last few seasons, and though some of his experiences have been funny, I really want to see him on a career path that works for him. Like Cece, he’s not being worked to his potential right now, but maybe he’ll be back to doing something cool again come season four.

11. Jess should go back to sing-talking

I love when she did this in season one! It was funny and adorable, and though Jess has since mellowed out, I miss the sporadic weirdness on her part.

10. Winston has to get weird again too

Winston had some pretty unusual moments in season three. He became a pet owner, yelled gibberish at strangers in public places and acted all around bizarre. I always thought he was the most underrated character on the show because he’s so hilarious, and the humor definitely comes from his weirdness. Let’s see him get weird again this season!

9. Nick should revisit his book

Whatever happened to that zombie love-story he had in the pipe? Fill us in! Will there be a sequel to Z is for Zombie? Maybe more random puzzles peppered in this time? Bottom line: a little direction would do him some good.

8. Jess should have a great year at school

I always love episodes that focus on Jess’s teaching adventures. More of those would be awesome! Out of everyone in the loft, Jess seems the happiest work-wise, and it should only go up from here.

7. Schmidt has to make amends with Elizabeth 

We never saw her again after Schmidt confessed to seeing Cece at the same time, and I want to know that she’s doing fine! She wasn’t right for Schmidt, but she was an awesome girl.

6. Nick has to have more heart-to-hearts with that guy who never talks (Tran?)

Enough said.

5. Someone should threaten to move out or really move out

It gave us quite the scare when Schmidt got his own place across the hall last season, but he eventually came crawling back. The loft is everyone’s home, but it’s good to shake things up every once in a while.

4. Jess’s parents should come to visit

It’s always entertaining to watch them fight and then sneak off to go kiss. Plus, Jamie Lee Curtis is so cute as Jess’s mom!

3. Schmidt should face some career issues

Everyone else on the show has endured their fair share of job problems, but Schmidt always seems to be buttoned up and doing well. For once, I want to see the others thrive and Schmidt have to make some sacrifices or tough decisions. Perhaps he’ll get laid off or denied a promotion. I know he’s supposed to be the “most together” professional person in the loft, but he can’t grow if he doesn’t know what it’s like to get jerked around in the workplace like the rest of his friends.

2. Coach should have a love interest

He’s been a great addition to the loft thus far, and I want to see more storylines around his life in season four. I also want to see him find a nice lady, as he’s pretty gentlemanly and quite a catch. It didn’t come together with Cece, but there’s a special lass out there for him.

1. Nick and Jess should get back together

You know it’s going to happen at some point, and I hope it does before season five. As Meriwether said in a recent interview, “I mean, I love them together and I don’t think it’s it for them at all.” That’s encouraging. Now let’s make this happen!

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