From flappers to feathers, here are 20 of our favorite red carpet looks from the Oscars

The spectacle of awards shows is just as much about showing up in a flashy outfit as it is about winning. In fact, some would wager that finding the right red carpet look at the Oscars can be a game-changer that influences the outcome of a star’s night.

Regardless of where we stand on the winnings, one thing is for sure, there were a lot of memorable red carpet looks this year. So many, in fact, that narrowing it down to 20 of our favorite fashion moments from the 2017 Oscars meant we had to leave out a lot of looks to be discovered in your post-Oscars journey.

Without further adieu, here are 20 of our favorite looks from the Oscars!

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1Janelle Monáe

2Emma Stone

3Olivia Culpo

4Halle Berry

5Priyanka Chopra

6Nicole Kidman

7Viola Davis

8Ginnifer Goodwin

9Taraji Henson

10Kate McKinnon

11Leslie Mann

12Ruth Negga

13Chrissy Teigen

14Isabelle Huppert

15Jessica Biel

16Charlize Theron

17Octavia Spencer

18Scarlett Johansson

19Sofia Boutella

20Cara Speller


Oh, what a night!

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