22 Guilty Summer Pleasures You Never Have to Apologize For

When it’s summer, you can get away with a lot. Back when I lived by the beach, I used to see people walk into Starbucks without shirts or shoes, toting around their wetsuits covered with sand, and it was totally chill (but kind of gross?), because viva la warmth! Our pedicured toes are out and about, pants have become The Enemy, and all of us are trying to take advantage of longer, hotter days someway or somehow. Whether we get away with it or not, does it really matter? Nope. Because during summer, it’s our prerogative to have fun and enjoy the small things in life, like:

1. Eating ice cream from the ice cream truck

Go ahead, it doesn’t even really taste like ice cream, but it tastes amazing nonetheless.

2. BBQ-ing every weekend

Because nothing smells as good as a charcoal fire and freedom.

3. Not giving your toenails a break and painting them highlighter colors

So your toes probably need to “breathe” after all the blacks and dark cherry reds you’ve slathered on them throughout winter and spring, but you have NO time to lose. It is summer and the oranges and pinks are here and you are feeling ALIVE.

4. Not washing your hair after the beach, for like a long time

Because seriously, nothing gives “beachy waves” like the actual beach

5. Day drinking

Outside bars, come on.

6. Going on a road trip just for the food

You heard there is a really good Filipino-Mexican fusion food truck a couple towns over, and you’re dying to track it down and try it out. No shame in that.

7. Binge summer book shopping on Amazon

Even if you don’t end up reading half of them, it’s the effort that counts. Plus, we all love receiving packages in the mail (even if we sent them to ourselves). Brownie points awarded if you find a local bookstore and totally go nuts there instead.

8. Vowing to go the pool every day but ending up watching Netflix in bed instead

Pools are fun, but they require sunscreen, which gets in our eyes and stings, and then the chlorine turns our hair green and tough, and then you have to shower and use extra conditioner, except you still smell like pool water all day, and ugh, so much effort.

9. Making out outside

Because summer romance, obviously!

10. Going shopping because obviously you need ALL the summer attire

You can’t walk around like Daria all day long in your dark greens and burnt siennas. Boots are so stifling, and pants? Seriously, forget about it.

11. Hitting up all the 7-11s on Free Slurpee Day

This requires mapping out a full day 7-11 excursion on7/11 (duh), but that’s okay, because free Slurpees are the best Slurpees (as long as they’re blue-raspberry or Jolly Rancher Watermelon) and it’s your right as an American to capitalize on Free Things.

12. Buying sunscreen based solely on how good it smells

You should always go for a sunscreen that’s broad spectrum, 45+ SPF, and relatively low on chemicals, but it’s hard to resist the suncreens that smell like popsicles.

13. Going a little overboard with Jergens Natural Glow lotion or any other self tanner

Tanning is dangerous, but looking completely see-through is also a little jarring. So, what’s wrong with going through a few tubes of Jergens?

14. Promising yourself that this will be the summer you will read all the Game of Thrones

Except you watch the TV shows so it’s repetitive and you know exactly what happens (up until the 5th book), but you want the upper-hand when it comes to spoilers, goddammit!

15. $16 cocktails

So cold and refreshing and delicious.

16. Using your microwave to make S’mores

Well, I sure don’t have my own fire pit, and my stove is electric, so.

17. Blasting “Summertime Sadness” (the re-mix version) with your girlfriends as you get ready to go out.

The song that simultaneously drives us crazy and fills us with inexplicable energy and joy. Also see: “Problem” by Ariana Grande, and “Chandelier” by Sia.

18. Solely existing on peaches, strawberries, watermelon, chips and salsa

Fruit is the juiciest during this time of year, and hitting up the local farmer’s market and then chowing down on a few baskets of strawberries is probably one of the best things, ever.

19. Listening to the Ashanti Pandora station while you plough through all the magazines you subscribed to but never read because, life

I have a magazine pile as big as my nightstand. It’s out of control. But reading through last year’s winter issues all the way through July while “Baby” or “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” is playing is really relaxing, yet it feels productive because you’re starting something and finishing it.

20. Eating at least one edible thing that has been dipped in batter, fried, and embalmed with whipped cream

The county fair has all kinds of heart-attack inducing snacks that really should be illegal, but come on. You only go to the fair once a year. And you’ll run it off later (probably not, let’s be honest).

21. Going to the county fair just to see Smash Mouth or whatever corny ‘90s band you were gaga for in the 2nd grade

Seven-year-old you would be giving you the thumbs up.

22. Secretly wishing it was fall already

Summer is fantastic and all, but you miss your pumpkin spice and your hoodies and your rain. I guess we can’t have it all.

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