20 adorable kittens from Instagram to celebrate “National Cat Day”

Guess what today is? It’s National Cat Day! Of course, there are two good ways to observe such a momentous occasion — you can cuddle on your own cat, or you can check out a list of adorable kittens from Instagram to help celebrate. Yeah, we know — you probably do those thing daily as-is. But today, you’ll be doing it for a good reason. And that reason is to celebrate the fantastic creature that is the cat.

National Cat Day isn’t just about staring at cute cat photos — in fact, it’s a day to help shelter cats find a forever home. (Or, uh — a “furrever” home. Also accepted: a “purrever” home.) If you’ve been looking to add a feline to your family, today might just be the best day!

Here are a few cuties that’ll remind you to adopt, not shop this National Cat Day

1. A Handful Of Kitten


This is like the ultimate dream.

2. “Tinier Than A Pillow Cat” 

This cat should join the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. (Yes, I just made that up, and yes, I know what it’s a parody of. No regrets!)

3. Lounging Cat 

Since National Cat Day is on a Saturday, this kitten is celebrating just like most of us are.

4. The “Rabbit-Friendly” Cat 

Isn’t it the best thing ever when different animals get along?

5. Halloween-Ready Cat 

This kitty is dressed to impress!

6. Kitten Row

It’s almost impossible not to let out an “aww.”

7. One Sleepy Buddy

Sometimes it’s just tough to find a comfortable position.

8. Box Besties

Playtime is even more fun with a friend!

9. Black And White And Cute All Over

Ugh, cuteness overload with this one.

10. Tuckered Out Kitty

This is how all of us feel on a Friday.

11. One Adorable Litter

They’re bright-eyed, and eager to explore the world!

12. Catnap Kitty


Aren’t kitten paws just adorable?

13. Costume Cat

When your cat truly enjoys dressing up, embrace it.

14. Ol’ Blue Eyes


This kitten looks like the most innocent creature in the entire world.

15. Wine Cat


This kitten is under-aged, for sure. (But she prefers red over white.)

16. Basket Cat

That looks like the perfect place to relax. That basket is exactly one-cat big.

17. Sleeping Sweethearts

Looks like one relaxing nap!

18. The Tiny Explorer


This kitten is checking out the world! (Supervised, of course.)

19. The Twin Nappers

A big bed is the perfect place for a Saturday morning group snooze!

20. The “I Didn’t Do It” Cat

It kind of looks like this cat just got caught in the midst of mischief. But, with a face and a stance like that, nobody can be mad at this sweetheart for too long.

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