There are 2 kinds of people, as illustrated by this on-point Tumblr

Headphones or earbuds? Bookmarks or dog-eared pages? One alarm or three (or if you’re anything like me, ten)? Chances are, you immediately knew your choice between the options presented, and have an opinion about the choices you’ve made. That split-second “Oh, that’s me” is the thinking behind 2 Kinds of People, a Tumblr that cheekily illustrates common divisions.

The creator of 2 Kinds, an art director from Portugal, had previously created the single topic Tumblr Kim Jong-il looking at things, but remained under wraps after that Tumblr understandably folded. The latest project from this mysterious Tumblr genius masters the art of the subtle (and we mean subtle; some of these took us a minute) comparison, and forces the viewer to immediately consider “which” person they are:

(In order: default Wi-Fi passwords vs. punny ones; unread notifications vs. read ones; stick vs. automatic; TV vs. laptop; iPhone without case vs. with one.)

Of course, these splits aren’t meant to be totally “this or that” decisions, or to suggest that all things fall into a clear binary order. Yet, I certainly knew my inherent “answer” between each diagram. Some, I would argue, are more by necessity versus actual preference (for example, I don’t own a TV, so laptop it is). But 2 Kinds plays up our desire to make decisions that reflect on our selves, and it does that really, really, well, and invites viewers to chime in on its tongue-in-cheek commentary.

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