2 grandmas reviewed “Game of Thrones” and we can’t stop laughing

I’ve seen approximately one episode of Game of ThronesNot because I don’t appreciate medieval fantasies, but because I just haven’t committed to the show yet (six seasons of anything is overwhelming). But the one episode I did see was 100% confusing. So I can imagine how 102-year-old and 97-year-old West Virginian sisters felt while watching an episode of Game of Thrones — something Jimmy Kimmel put them up to.

As Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s newly appointed resident TV reviewers, Gramma and Ginga shared their thoughts on GOT. The verdict — they hated it. Like, really really hated it. And they’re reactions are hilarious.

The sisters had to sit through an entire episode of the most recent GOT episode, something that would be confusing for most humans if they had never seen the show.

When asked if they’d continue watching the show, Gramma said, “Hell no.” She said she’d rather die than have to sit through another episode. Fair enough, Gramma.

Check out the funny ladies in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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