“2 Broke Girls” has been cancelled, and say it ain’t so!

It really is the end of a television era. First Girls, which has been keeping us laughing (and cringing) about twenty-something foibles since 2012, concluded its six season run in April. And yesterday, we learned that 2 Broke Girls, which has similarly kept us laughing/cringing about the plights of twenty-something ladies living in New York on a VERY limited budget, is also coming to an end.

Yes, it’s true, after 6 seasons on CBS, 2 Broke Girls has officially been cancelled.

So why is the show coming to an end? Usually, shows are cancelled because of low ratings. Television is a business, after all. But in the case of 2 Broke Girls, the situation is a little more complicated.

CBS doesn’t own the show, Warner Bros Television has that honor. So CBS covers the cost of the show, but doesn’t get to see all the profits. (Like the $1.7 million dollars per ep Warner Bros. makes selling the adventures of Max and Caroline to TBS.)

As Deadline reports, negotiations came down to the wire (there was talk of a shortened 7th season), but ultimately CBS decided not to move forward with the show.

The two stars posted a lovely goodbye on social media:

We’re excited to see what’s next for Beth and Kat and we hope the lifelong friends get to work together on something awesome in the future!

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