This is how the rest of 1D REALLY feel about Zayn leaving

We all know how we (and our moms and Stephen Hawking!) feel about Zayn’s choice to go in a different, well, direction than the rest of One Direction, but how are the guys themselves really, truly reacting? We finally got the answer to that question last night, as the remaining members of 1D appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and got real about Zayn and, you know, being a four-man boy band now.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the fact that despite a recent Twitter feud making us think the contrary, Louis and Zayn are totally, actually on good terms IRL. Although Louis admits during the interview that he’s “never very been good at bitin’ [his] tongue” (on Twitter or otherwise), he also says things between him Zayn are “all resolved.”

Sweet, sweet relief.

But what’s even better news is that the rest of the boys seem at actual peace with Zayn’s big, bold decision. Just look at what Liam had to say about everything.

Although the interview veers into semi-silly territory at one point, with Corden trying to sell himself as a replacement for Zayn (hey, he’s a Brit and clearly real excited to talk about all things 1D!) and Harry (oh, Harry!) suggesting Late Late Show band leader Reggie Watts instead, the majority of the interview is serious business (the other bit they did for the show is another story).

Perhaps the best takeaway of all is that the final four are still more than game to keep things going for the sake of Directioners. At least according to Niall:

Oh, and then there’s Niall’s admission that they’re “in the studio” right now (!!) and putting out a new record (!!!!!!!!!).

Feel free to commence swooning/screaming/whatever you need to do to get through this video from last night’s show.

Image via Sonja Flemming/CBS.

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