This dream home costs $199 and an essay

Have you ever debated between upgrading your iPhone and buying a house? Chances are you haven’t; after all, who can find a house being sold for a couple hundred bucks?

Well, now you’re in luck: according to Fox 8 Cleveland, a beautiful Indiana home is going for merely $199, and an essay.

Known as the River House, the over 4,000-square-foot structure is located in southern Indiana near the Ohio River. In fact, the house features a room with a panoramic view of the river itself, as well as a wraparound deck, vaulted ceilings, and TWO jetted tubs. Brb, we’re just going to take a moment to shed a tear at the beauty of it all.

The expansive house is legitimately a “dream home.” So why are its owners selling it for to next to nothing?

According to the Penningtons, the family who owns the house, popular media stories such as an essay contest with a $150 fee for a goat dairy farm in Alabama caught their attention. However, this is a bit of a trend: a farm in Virginia is also being sold for $200 and a 1,000-word essay, while the owners of a 1920s bungalow in Houston held a 200-word essay contest with a $150 entrance fee a few months ago.

It’s not just the trendiness of the house-for-essay context that stood out to the Penningtons, though. As they say on the contest site, “We have been very fortunate to have had opportunities and would like to give someone else an opportunity.” Entrants do have to give the $199 up front to enter the contest so it isn’t an opportunity that everyone can take advantage of, but the prize is certainly fabulous enough that many people will surely make the gamble.

While the Penningtons should be commended for their generosity, they won’t be reading the essays or making the decision: Rhonda Pennington says that judging the essays would be “tough.” Instead, she contacted her alma mater, Hanover College, and asked them to supply a panel of anonymous judges to pick the winner.

We wish contest entrants the best of luck; in the meantime, we might just take a crack at that essay ourselves!

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