The 1964 Mustang is coming back so you can get your “Mad Men” on

Whenever I watch “Mad Men” I’m like “Ugh, everyone just looked so COOL back then, what am I even doing with my life and my HAIR?!?!?!” I will never master a beehive, alack the day, but I am consoled by the fact that, for those of us who are all about that mid-60’s style, Fox News reports that Florida startup Revology is bringing the 1964 Mustang back!

The exterior is a perfect replica of the sexy-times-infinity car of yesteryear, but the insides are all new. Which is amazing because, let’s face it, no one wants to take a 51-year old car to their local mechanic for repairs.

This new version of the Mustang, which clocks in at about $120,000 is not going to come cheap. Oh old school cool, why must you be so expensies? Still, even if you can’t-in-a-million-years afford this kind of ride, it will be fun to see them tooling around! And maybe this will kick off a trend, and more car companies will bring back revamped classics, and someday classic comeback cars will actually be affordable. When it comes to glammed up rides, I just have so many dreams…