Shades to make you look like the leader of a 1950s girl gang

The last thing I need is another pair of sunglasses (my collection is seriously out of control), but I might have to make an exception for these “Bad Girl Shades” from Penelope Gazin. If someone is annoying you, you can quietly cover your eyes with these sweet cat-eye shades and secretly shoot daggers at them—the sides of the frames are decorated with vintage brass dagger charms. Is there anything more brilliant?!

Available in either cool-girl black or sassy tortoise shells, these shades look exactly like the kind the leader of a 1950s girl gang would wear. Style icons you’ll be invoking with these babies are as follows: Wanda Woodward from Cry-Baby, The Man-Eaters all-women biker gang from the 1968 film, The Mini-Skirt Mob, any of the Pink Ladies from Grease and Debbie Harry circa 1970. 

While the outfit opportunities are endless, I highly recommend pairing them with a pencil skirt, thigh-highs, and your favorite motorcycle jacket. Honestly, they’ll look good with anything, even pajamas. That’s right—you’ll even look cool when you’re fast asleep. Can’t get enough of ’em? They also come in this “catmaster” style!

Bad Girl Shades,  $26-$28

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(Product shots via PenelopeGazin Etsy.)

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