Watch 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio talk about being a heartthrob

Sure, in 2015 Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his prestige Oscar-y roles, but when he first hit the scene back in the early 90s, he was like the Harry Styles of the acting world. His face was all over magazines who all referred to him as a heartthrob and putting him on a pedestal for teen admirers everywhere. E! Online just dug up an early 1993 interview with the actor when he was just 19 years old, and he definitely had some thoughts about all the attention.

At the time, DiCaprio was promoting his new film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Although the star believed things had died down around his heartthrob status, he still couldn’t shake the label. In a way, he found that a bit frustrating, but like any good-humored Hollywood actor, he simply laughed it off.

He then talks about how his priority had turned to serious roles that he could,”…really get into and really act and make into a reality and not something contrived. I had some teen following, but I don’t really have that anymore. it’s sort of gone. It diminished, thank God.”

Ha ha ha ha, little did he know that two of his heartthrobbiest roles (Romeo + Juliet and Titanic) were just around the corner, so he still had SEVERAL years of being a teen crush ahead of him.

It’s okay Leo, we’re sure no audience members have “heartthrob” on their mind while watching your latest contribution to film, brutal survival western The Revenant. Congratulations, you finally made it to the other side, you can now leave the Harry Styles-ing to, you know, the Harry Styles of the world.

Check out 19-year-old Leo opening up his heart below:

(Image via E!Online)

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