17 “American Horror Story”-inspired baby names that are actually beautiful (and yes, also a tiny bit scary)

Honestly, thank goodness American Horror Story is back on the airwaves. Waiting for the next season of television’s scariest and most thrilling series is always a struggle, but the wait is finally over. In celebration of the new season, Cult (which aired last Tuesday),we’ve gathered together some of the most beautiful American Horror Story character names for those fans who are expecting or simply wish to reminisce on the greats from past seasons.

This list is filled with strong female characters, genuine good guys, and all those questionable yet lovable sorts in between. Take note of your faves and and when your future child asks where you got their name, you’ll have to tell them to wait until they’re older to watch and understand!


Vivien Harmon just wants the best for her family. She’s caring, kind, and loyal to those she holds dear. Derived from the Latin word vivus, the name Vivien (also spelled “Vivian”) means “alive.”


Able to transfer self-inflicted pain onto others, Queenie doesn’t let people get away with knocking down her self-esteem. She realizes her power and works alongside her fellow witches and eventually is able to join the Witch’s Council. Queenie is a pet name for the original English name, Queen, which means “wife or woman.”


Jimmy Darling always steps up to the plate to stick up for his friends and often tries to convince outsiders that he and his fellow freaks deserve the same respect as anyone else. He dreams of acceptance and yearns to live a “normal” life. Jimmy is a nickname for the name James, a biblical and historical name that has multiple variations in different languages.


A rebel without a cause, a quintessential bad girl, Violet Harmon stands out from the crowd. She’s fearless and marches to the beat of her own drum. Violet became a popular name for girls in 19th century who were named after the purple flower.


Iris lives, breathes, and works hard to stay close to her son. She carries through with dark deeds for The Countess, who keeps her son alive. Iris thrives on her unconditional love and that alone makes her questionable duties worth it. The Greek goddess of the rainbow was named Iris; therefore Iris means “rainbow” in Greek. Of course it’s also the name of a flower.


With the desire to break the dismal mold of female reporters of her time, Lana Winters wants to up her experience and prove to the men in her industry that she is just as good — if not better — at reporting hard-hitting journalism than they are. Lana can be short for Alana, the feminine form of Alan, which means “handsome.”


After coming to terms with her identity, Desiree Dupree is ferociously confident and has no problem flaunting ~everything~ she’s got. She’ll fight, argue, and push back when someone gets in her way. Desiree is a French name meaning “desired or wished.”


Liz Taylor lived as a closeted man for most of her life until The Countess inspired her to be her true self within the Hotel Cortez. She is finally free to be the woman she always knew she was and keeps the secrets for those who stay within the hotel walls. Short for Elizabeth, a Greek and Hebrew name meaning “my God is an oath.”


Although she might not know how to show it properly, Constance Langdon is a caring, yet troubled, mother. She previously dealt with a rift in her marriage and has since tried to rebuild and keep her family together. A feminine version of the masculine name Constans, Constance means “constant and steadfast.”


A misjudged, trustworthy man, who is accused for a crime he did not commit, Kit Walker is good through and through, despite the label put upon him by the press. Kit can be a nickname for Christopher, which means “to bear, carry” or “to carry Christ.”


Cordelia Foxx is like a mother to the girls under her care at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, and she does all she can to protect them from the evil trying to break the coven down. Although the meaning behind the name Cordelia is unknown, Shakespeare changed the archaic spelling “Cordeilla” to the modern spelling we use today for his character in King Lear.


Elizabeth is a woman of extreme power who empathizes with those who have been cast out or abused by society. Like a vampiric Robin Hood, Elizabeth (also known as “The Countess”) takes from those who society deems “normal” and gives to those who have been excluded. As mentioned before, Elizabeth means “my God is an oath.”



She’s in the same boat we all are — she’s afraid of the current political climate and the future of the world because of it. Winter might not be the best nanny out there for hire, but hey, everyone in this show has faults! As you would expect, the name Winter comes from the season winter.


A dreamer, hopeful for a future after her hardships at Briarcliff, Grace Bertrand doesn’t judge others based on their charges or illnesses and wishes that others do the same for her. Grace is one of the 17th century Puritan-created virtue names and goes hand-in-hand with refinement or elegance.



Patient and caring, Ivy Mayfair-Richards is trying to keep her marriage on track while her wife, Ally, becomes mentally unhinged (maybe?) after the election triggers her phobias. She stays calms and remembers what is most important during a time of uncertainty. Like Violet and Iris, Ivy is also the name of a plant.


Bette Tattler dreams of fame and fortune whereas Dot would rather be as far away from the spotlight as possible. They may be conjoined and identical, but these twins house two extremely different personas. Bette is yet another form of Elizabeth (could all these Lizes be connected across the seasons?) and Dot is short for Dorothy or Dorothea, a name meaning “gift of God.”



Lee Harris doesn’t let trauma ruin her and she pushes through in order to survive on behalf of her daughter. Lee is originally derived from the Old English word leah which means “clearing.”

American Horror Story provides a seemingly endless arsenal of unique and beautiful names to give your child, cat, dog, or gerbil. Whether you’re a mega fan or just a lover of great names, you can’t deny that AHS writers knew what they were doing when it came to giving their characters great monikers.