18 tweets about Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show that demonstrate the total lack of chill we had about it

Wow! Did you guys just catch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show? Because Twitter certainly did! And in true internet fashion, there are already so many hilarious tweets and reactions going around that need to get shared immediately! Lady Gaga just performed a totally insane show with wires, sparkly outfit changes, and a literal mic drop! So take a break from the game (it is basically over) and take a look what everyone on the Internet thought about the half time show!

Of course, you’ve got the requisite “Little Monsters” reactions!

This Super Bowl performance is like all the holidays, their birthdays, and the birth of their first-born child in one performance! false

Then there was that crazy performance!

We are still reeling from it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gaga fan or not, that was legitimately one of the greatest Super Bowl performances ever! Gaga dominated, fair and square!


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Yeah, it was intense.

Then of course there was the wise afterthoughts once it was over!

Everyone is so impressed! Honestly half the tweets were people screaming and hitting nonsense on to to the keyboard because they were so excited!

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And then a huge compliment from the 2015 performer, Katy Perry!

So congratulations, Lady Gaga! You are super talented, and America is seriously entertained! You’re a national treasure, and we feel really lucky to have you! And thank you, Twitter! You are truly one of the greatest sources of entertainment for dissecting our love of entertainment! We don’t know how we could watch any live events without you! Never change!

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