18 Other Things Jon Snow Knows Nothing About

Yes, we know Game of Thrones had its season 4 finale quite some time ago as far as pop culture is concerned. But we just can’t get Jon Snow off our mindgrapes. He knows nothing but he actually might know something. Nah, he knows nothing. Anyway, as we await 2015 and more Game of Thrones, here are even more things Jon Snow knows nothing about.

1. Adding a pop of color to an outfit

Anything other than black, Jon? Come on!

2. Having a proper work/life balance.

3. Anxiously waiting for a text.

4. How to break awkward tension with a joke.

5. Underwear or undergarments of any kind.

So, uh, you were just naked under those furs, huh?

6. Relaxing at the beach with a cold drink.

7. Date nights.

8. The joy of brunch.

9. The joy of instagramming your brunch.

10. Or anything about iPhones, really.

11. Any of the references on this tee shirt with his face.

Shirt via Society6 12. The spiteful love of a cat.

Well, maybe Ygritte’s love counts. Ouch.

13. His mother’s love.

Poor bastard Jon Snow.

14. What the sun feels like.

15. How good it feels to watch hours and hours of television.

16. The concept of being vegan.

17. Anything they’d ask on Jeopardy.

18. What’s happening on his body in this photo.

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