18 Reasons Chris Pratt is Your Next Big Crush

Chris Pratt is taking the world—and the galaxy—by storm. He’s been all over the place being charming, hilarious, and an all around pure delight. If his French-braiding skills alone weren’t enough to steal your heart, it’s time you take a closer look before you go and see Guardians of the Galaxy. You’re going to enthusiastically jump on the Chris Pratt bandwagon and here’s why:

1) He’s a believer in nice people deserving success. Agreed!

2) He’s humble.

3) He appreciates the real gifts of achieving personal success.

4) He gives killer fitness advice.

5) He’s totally got the Hollywood game figured out. And takes it super seriously.

6) Everyone loves him. Maybe not as much as Chris Evans. Oh, also his wife, Anna Faris.

7) And the feeling is mutual. At least about Chris Evans.

8) Just kidding. He really really loves his wife.

9) He’s got unrivaled dance skillz.

10) He has so much range as an actor.

11) He has attainable goals that we can relate to.

12) Some of the funniest lines on Parks and Rec are ones he ad-libbed. Like this classic:

13) He’s a portrait of grace and elegance.

14) He’s got tickets to the gun show.

15) He’s a sweetheart.

16) He’s a fan of the animals. And they are fans of him.

17) This face.

18) And his enthusiasm and zest for life are unending and infectious.

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