18 Equal Pay Day quotes for your Instagram caption — because the fight continues

It’s crazy to think that the wage gap is still a thing in 2018, but here we are, fighting for equal pay. This year, Equal Pay Day falls on April 10th, and it’s a good day to raise awareness about this truly massive issue that affects women all over the world. Although there are plenty of ways to get involved, one of the easiest ways is to start by letting your social media followers know you mean business. There are so many Equal Pay Day quotes for Instagram captions that will get the point across — and you might even be able to convince people to join the fight.

Unfortunately, for so many women (plenty of them in your life), being paid less than men for the same work is a reality, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Any of these quotes would be perfect for your Instagram caption, and some of them will even make you think about this issue in a way you never have before. It’s awful that this is something we have to live with and continue fighting, but speaking out about it is the only way it will ever come to an end.

1. The kind of gap we should all be concerned about:

2. Elizabeth Warren, spitting facts:

3. What a difference in the economy this would make:

4. It’s just as important in Hollywood:

5. Doing nothing isn’t an option:

6. This meme is too real:

7. This is a staggering number:

8. Women are just as deserving:

9. Jennifer Lawrence, making an excellent point:

10. Knowing your worth:

11. Using that gender card:

12. Doing the right thing:

13. Do you want to work more than a month for free every year?

14. Basically why we’re all upset:

15. This kind of behavior has got to stop:

16. What girls really want:

17. In the words of Olivia Pope

18. Women are just as valuable:

We deserve more, and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it.