17 tax memes that will help you laugh through the IRS-induced tears

Even if you’ve been avoiding it all year, it’s time to face the music and file those taxes. Some of us have waited ’til the last-minute, and some of us got our refunds months ago…but on April 17th, your returns are finally due. Whether you’re taking a trip to an accountant or wrestling with Turbo Tax in the comfort of your own home, it can be a really rough time — even if you don’t owe $$$. Just in case you’re feeling stressed out by it, there are tax memes that could help you remember to smile. After all, we’re in this together.

Fortunately, Tax Day only comes around once a year, and the due date just means that another one is finally behind us. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not sad about what you owe to the IRS (or that you’re not getting nearly enough back), but honestly? We’ll take a win where we can get it.

Here are some of the funniest tax memes to keep you laughing, even if you don’t want to. It’ll be over before you know it!

1. If only you cared:

2. Shout out to all the CPAs out there:

3. Honestly, we’d claim anyone:

4. The IRS actually does spell “theirs”:

5. Just deduct every Starbucks you’ve ever worked in:

6. Feeling rich:

7. Someday, your check will come:

8. It’s brief, but you live for it all year-long:

9. Ah yes, parallelogram season:

10. But then, there’s next month:

11. Just a little way of cheating the system:

12. Writing off wine would help us all

13. Some of us Facebook more than we should:

14. At least there’s a silver lining?

15. A new term:

16. An oldie but a goodie:

17. They have to learn sometime:

Good luck filing! And when you’re done, go get coffee or your favorite ice cream. You deserve it after all that adulting.

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