17 Tax Day quotes, because we’re still wondering why we can’t claim pets as dependents

There are plenty of things that suck about adulting, but one of the biggest culprits comes to life when Tax Day rolls around every April. Even if you’re expecting a refund, it’s really stressful to get your paperwork together as you work to either file it yourself or pay someone else to do it (bye, money). And if you know you’ll owe $$$? Well, it’s even worse. But fortunately, it’s a struggle we’re all in together — and there are many Tax Day quotes for your Instagram captions. Not surprising, considering the fact that most people hate this time of year.

Right about now, countless people are hating on the IRS, but don’t worry — it’s totally possible to laugh about it (and get a few Instagram likes along the way).

To help, we’ve compiled a few Tax Day quotes and Instagram posts that will inspire your future captions. Whether you’re celebrating the new chunk of change you just got back from the IRS or if you’re crying at all the money you no longer have, it can’t hurt to share the happiness — or the heartbreak — with your Instagram followers.

1. If wine could be your saving grace:

2. When you’re trying to find dependents, even when you have none:

3. Feeling sassy about this time of year?

4. If you want to congratulate the accountants in your life:

5. Nothing is certain…

6. The biggest deductible any of us could receive:

7. When this tax season has left you feeling especially broke:

8. Or feeling like Andy Dwyer:

9. If you’ve found a little appreciation for your child:

10. When you want any opportunity to claim your dog as a dependent:


11. If you’re feeling pretty good about your bank account right about now:


12. When it is clearly NOT a happy Tax Day.

13. An actual helpful tip:

14. Dependents, though. WE NEED THEM.

15. It’s parallelogram season.


16. If you’re a serious procrastinator:

17. Can’t count wine, can’t count chocolate.

Happy tax season! (Once again, minus the happy.)