17 Signs You’re Obsessed with ‘Game of Thrones’

Winter is coming, so is season four of Game of Thrones. Madonna has dressed up as the Mother of Dragons in celebration of Purim and Barack Obama is said to watch the season before its release. Stevie Nicks is also so enthralled by the George R.R Martin epic that she has been inspired to pen poetry about the struggles and victories portrayed. Season four will commence from the second part of the third book, A Storm of Swords and while fans eagerly await the latest HBO offering and read or re-read the books, here are some hints you may be a Game of Thrones fanatic.

1. You would never pick a side between the Starks and the Lannisters. You love both houses and you can acknowledge that there is no good versus evil. The Lannisters may be power-hungry and arrogant, but have many redeeming qualities – look at Jaime and Tyrion, and Cersei does have killer cheek-bones. Tywin Lannister is champion at death stares, not sure if anything positive can be said about Joffrey, however. He has daddy issues?

2. You are still partially in denial about The Red Wedding and hoping it didn’t really happen.

3. You know his name is spelled Jaime not Jamie – get it right, people.

4. You can name all Stark direwolves and tell them apart. Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Ghost, Summer and Shaggydog – it’s not that hard.

5. You can’t understand why today’s families don’t have mottoes and sigils. The direwolf, lion, trout, dragon and stag may be taken – but there are still many beasts to choose from.

6. You re-watch the first episode and cry when you see all the Starks together: happy, naive and most of all alive. Then you cry some more when they part ways, oblivious to the fact they’ll never see each-other again. Cruel, cruel world!

7. You know there is only one person worthy of the Iron Throne and it’s George R.R Martin, who must have the tears of readers running through his veins. You brilliant man, what are you cooking up for Winds of Winter?

8. You want to shake Martin’s hand for creating female characters which are complex, strong and real. Arya, Brienne, Lady Catelyn, Daenerys, Sansa, Osha, Cersei and Margaery are different from one another, but just as fierce and admirable. They are not one-dimensional figures and from each one we can draw strength.

9. You roll your eyes at people naming their children Khaleesi, because it’s a title, not a name. Would you name your daughter Queen or Duchess? However, you are willing to consider Arya, Daenerys, Myrcella, Rhaegar and the rest as possible names of your offspring.

10. You suddenly find yourself condoning an incestuous relationship – who would have ever thought it?

11. You’d love to have a gossiping session with Vaerys, the Spider and Olenna Tyrell over some lemon cakes and wine.

12. You want Jon Snow to know something, instead of nothing and possibly wear less clothing in season four. Maybe that’s just me?

13. You want to paint the town red with Tyrion Lannister and hear his charming anecdotes. He did pee off the edge of the world, you know.

14. You curse the old gods and the new for not having Deanerys Targeryan’s hair. She’s in the middle of the desert, but her hair is still fabulous. Maybe it was the diet of horse meat?

15. You can’t decide whether you want to be The Hound, Bran, Hodor or Bealish for Halloween. Decisions, decisions.

16. You are fluent in Dothraki – only kidding, but hats off to you, if you are.

17. The Wall has made you hate winter with a passion and you prefer sending a raven to texting.

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