17 punny Instagram birthday captions that will add PUNch to your big day

A smart, quippy pun can make anyone smile — even those self-proclaimed pun-haters (we see you smirking over there). And what better day to make someone smile than on their birthday? We’ve compiled a collection of punny Instagram captions for birthdays, ones that are perfect for your annual best-friend-birthday-time Instagram post. They’re silly, kinda stupid, and will definitely add punchiness to your Instagram caption.

Perhaps some puns are so cringe-inducing because we automatically think about our dads or our “cool” uncle spewing them out at the family barbecue. “Hey, you’re one in a melon,” cool uncle says while biting into a piece of cantaloupe.

But puns, as silly as they are, can actually provide your brain with a bit of a workout. John Pollack, the 1995 O. Henry Pun-Off World Champion and author of The Pun Also Rises, told NPR in 2011,

"The brain goes through some incredible gymnastics to capture the meaning of puns. And if you think about it, it's incredibly complex. Especially when two words can sound exactly alike."

To Pollack, both humorous and serious puns enable the speaker to pack a phrase with layers of meaning, so wordplay can be used as a powerful linguistic tool. Huh. It looks like we’ll have to go back and decipher what cool uncle really means.

But for now, we’re perfectly happy with using puns to gift our friends with giggles (or groans) for their birthday. Pass these puns along and share the punny wealth.

1“We gon’ eat gelato like it’s sherbert day.”

2“Your birthday is kind of a big dill.”

3“Happy phocking birthday.”

4“Let’s make like raccoons and get trashed.”

5“To the cheesiest person I know — you feta have a gouda birthday.”

6“Have a tea-rific birthday, you old bag.”

7“Happy beer-thday, bud.”

8“Buzz, buzz, honey. Happy bee-day.”

9“Get ready to pod-y.”

10“Yoda best, birthday girl.”

11“And milk your birthday for all it’s worth.”

12“Happy bae-day.”

13Alpaca a bottle of wine to celebrate!”

14“Break out the corkscrew because you have aged to perfection.”

15“Let’s make like candles on a birthday cake and get lit.”

16“Wishing my sauciest friend an A1 birthday.”

17“Hoping your birthday doesn’t lead to a barf-day. You know what I mean.”

We hope your friends have the happiest of birthdays. Take them out to celery-brate and groove to some sick beets on the dance floor. Okay, sorry. We’re done now.

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