17 hip lunch boxes you’ll wish you could have brought to the cafeteria in elementary school

There weren’t many ways for us to express  our ~hip~ identities when we were in elementary school. Don’t get me wrong, we had Lisa Frank’s trippy back-to-school merch and could easily give ourselves temporary tattoos with milky pens — so not all was lost. But next time you’re out shopping, my fellow millennial, take a stroll through the store’s back-to-school section. Specifically, take a look at the lunch boxes.

Where you once would have only seen lunch boxes featuring Disney princesses and cartoon animals, you’ll now find illustrated avocados, colorful succulent prints, and cat-centric designs that fit appropriately into your grown lady Tumblr aesthetic.

Feeling jealous of what is now available to the younger set, I began searching for all of the lunch boxes I wish I could have shown off in my elementary school cafeteria — and that you can still show off in the break room!

1Space Cats Lunch Box, $7.99


2Snack Attack Cookie Lunchbag, $7.99

3Wildkin Pinwheel Lunchbox, $14.69

4Style Lab by Fashion Angels Kitty Gem Lunch Tote, $12.99

5Wildkin Watercolor Ponies Lunch Box, $18.99

6iColor Blue Shining Stars Lunchbox, $13.99

7Pink Cactus Lunchbox by ModernHomeGifts, $24.00

8Artone Peony Gourmet Lunch Bag, $14.99

9KidKraft Insulated Lunch Box in Damask, $14.30

10Lunchgo Watercolor Pineapple Lunch Tote, $16.56

11Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Navy Rainbow Unicorn Lunch Bag, $14.99-$22.99

12Lunchgo Avocado and Egg Lunch Tote, $12.49

13Art of Lunch World Map Lunch Bag, $26.97

14VIPbuy 3D Oil Painting Lunch Bag, $14.99

15Art of Lunch The Ocean, the Sea, the Wave Lunch Tote, $19.97

16ban.do Rainbow Cooler Bag, $34

17Urban Outfitters Chill Cooler Bag, $10


These are totally work appropriate, right?

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