17 funny Instagram captions for weddings, so you can laugh through the happy tears

Of all the instagrammable social events, weddings are probably the best. You’re all dressed up, there are bound to be plenty of pretty backdrops — it’s like the situation lends itself perfectly to photos of all kinds. And when you share those photos, you’re going to need to have plenty of funny Instagram captions for weddings up your sleeve.

Sure, weddings can be serious, but the best ones are punctuated by laughter and sweet memories. And now that wedding hashtags are so popular, there’s a good chance that your wedding pics may end up getting buried in all the others. Want to avoid that? Nothing does the trick like a funny caption that will make everyone remember your photo forever.

Whether you’re sharing your photos from the photo booth or just want to share pictures you took of the bride and groom, here are some seriously funny Instagram captions you can steal to show the happy couple that you care. Sure, anyone can get all sappy during a wedding, but isn’t it way better to make your friends and family members laugh?

1. For the couple who met on Tinder:

2. If you’ve already had a few from the open bar:

3. For the couple who’s definitely going to go the distance:

4. For your BFF who’s moving in with her new husband for the first time:

5. When you know the reception is about to be lit:

6. When you’re the bride — and you’re so beyond over it:

7. When you really didn’t mean to cry, but you did anyway:

8. When you’re ready to get your drink on and hit the dance floor:

9. When you can’t believe your friends are actually getting married:

10. The real reason you went to this wedding:

11. For a couple who can appreciate a little dirty humor:

11. When you want to be funny but sweet:

12. For a couple who’s just weird enough for their relationship to work:

13. The real vows the couple needs to be taking:

14. The truth about marriage…summed up pretty accurately:

15. When you want to remind them what growing old together is really about:

16. For showing off the gorgeous (and yummy) wedding cake:

17. For right before the wedding begins:

These captions will definitely secure you all the likes. And best of all, they’ll make the newlyweds smile. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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