17 funny indie comedies streaming on Netflix you need to watch over holiday break

There’s nothing better than coming home for the holidays, snuggling up with family and friends, and movie marathoning. After you’ve finished binging all the Christmas movies you could muster, we recommend you dive into this list of funny indie comedies available on Netflix.

Independent comedies are usually made on a minimal budget outside of the Hollywood system. A smaller budget means that these movies are usually character-driven, rather than plot-driven due to minimal set, props, and action. But indie films are so enjoyable for that reason — they portray an emotional, character-driven, human experience. The characters are usually dimensional and relatable and their hilarious journeys make us think of our own experiences.

In light of the holiday season, the indie films we’ve pulled together mainly revolve around families and relationships — most of which are fairly dysfunctional. So, while you’re spending time with your own family (who might put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”) you can laugh along with characters who are dealing with their own nutty family.

Gather together your softest of blankets, make some popcorn, and settle into the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. Celebrate the joyousness of the holidays with belly laughs.

1The Fundamentals of Caring


A caretaker and his client with muscular dystrophy, Trevor, take a road trip to all the places Trevor learned about via local news. They pick up a wise-mouthed hitchhiker and the three of them learn what true friendship is all about.

2People Places Things


After his wife leaves him, a father of two must figure out how to restructure his life and learn how to love and how to have fun again.

3El Camino Christmas


No one wanted to spend Christmas dealing with a hostage situation, but yet there they are. While chaos ensues in the convenience store where one man holds a group at gunpoint, the unexperienced cops try to bring a peaceful end to the scenario.

4While We’re Young


A couple who is “getting up there” in age become friends with a couple in the midst of their 20s. To the dismay of their loved ones, instead of having a child while there’s still time, they seem to be acting like children instead.

5Cherry Pop


A newcomer must take the stage when the headliner of a drag bar refuses to perform. Madness and drama ensues backstage as the queens battle to show who’s best.



Frank wears a fake head. When he and his band has the opportunity to play at SXSW, relationships within the band are tested and Frank’s head might have to be removed in order to achieve fame.

7Other People


A New York comedy writer moves home to care for his mother who is dying of cancer. He tries to stay as brave as possible while coming to terms with this new phase of life.



An old Jewish baker with his family business on the line takes a risk on a young Muslim apprentice. The two work the business up (in a not so legal way) and learn that their different walks of life aren’t so different after all.

9A Holiday Engagement


When her fiancee ends up being a total jerk, Hillary hires an actor to take his place at the Thanksgiving table in order to prevent her family from thinking she’s a “spinster.”

10Little Boxes


An interracial couple moves their small family to the suburbs of Washington. Being the only source of diversity in town, their lives change drastically from their former environment in New York City.

11Slow Learners


Two late bloomers (ahem…dorks) try to get in touch with their wild side in order to spice up their lives. Hand in hand, they fall in love with new people and new versions of themselves, and possibly each other.

12The Hippopotamus


A disgruntled, unbelieving poet is summoned to the somewhat mysterious Swafford Hall, managed by his upperclass royal friends. There he investigates rumors of mysterious healing which some have called miraculous.

13Burn, Burn, Burn


Their dead best friend bequeaths them with the duty of spreading his ashes around several different parts of England. Now, Seph and Alex must embark on a road trip where they learn more about each other, which is what their mutual best friend really wanted.



Three best friends with Down syndrome escape the institute in which they’re living to go on an outrageous adventure. They end up getting themselves into trouble and their adventure becomes life on the run.

15Night Owls


What was supposed to be a *simple* one-night stand ends up being a chaotic nightmare for Kevin. He realizes that the girl he hooked up with took him back to his boss’s house and he must keep her awake so the sleeping pills she’s taken don’t kill her.

16The Wedding Party


There’s no perfect time for everything to go wrong than at a wedding. When the bridesmaid in charge drugs herself by accident, it’s up to the remaining wedding party to pull things together.

17Band of Robbers


The charismatic Tom Sawyer talks his friends into banding together to commit a series of robberies — think Robin Hood and his merry men, but if they kept the money instead of giving it away.

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