16 funny and cute Halloween quotes for cards and decorations

Halloween lovers go ALL out on Halloween. Sure, other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside while they deck the halls, but Halloween has a sense of humor and playfulness. Because Halloween decorating doesn’t always have to mean horror, please let us suggest some of these funny and cute Halloween quotes for cards, decoration, t-shirts, or anything else.

With everything else going on in the world and people still reeling from seeing It in the theaters, funny and cute might be the way to when decorating your abode for the big night. In Tennessee this week, neighbors actually called the cops on a family because they mistook the Halloween decorations for an actual crime scene. Talk about Not. Festive. At. All.

So don’t freak people out with too many zombies or killer clowns. (Or do: We’re not the boss of you!) Here are some unmistakably fun and cute quotes for all of your Halloween decorating and card-writing needs.

1“There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

Charlie Brown and his little buddy Linus really knew what they were doing.

2“Hey, boo-tiful.”

If you’re looking for a simple greeting card opener, this one’s a classic.

3This witch can be bribed with candy.”

Or ghost, zombie…pretty much any spooky creature of your choice.

4“Something wicked this way comes.”

Okay, we stole this from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but it would make a cute entry way banner or graphic t-shirt.

5“Wednesday Addams is my BFF.”

This makes a cute office appropriate Halloween t-shirt, but could also work for a statement piece somewhere else.

6“Trick or treat yo’self!”

Be like Tom and Donna every day.

7You say ‘witch’ like it’s a bad thing?”

We all have special powers.

8Eat, drink, and be scary!”

We would definitely come to your Halloween party if this was on the invite.

9“If you got it, haunt it.”

Get it, ladies.

10I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine.”

Jay Hawkins’ classic line is the best way to send bae a little Halloween love.

11“Creep it real this Halloween.”

Classic dad joke.

12“At this point, my blood type is Pumpkin Spice.

Make sure you inform your local vampires.

13“Stay spooky.”

Obvs, right?

14“If one door closes, and another one opens, your house is probably haunted.”

That’s deep, people.

15“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”

Okay, this line from Nightmare on Elm Street might not make people feel totally comfortable at your Halloween gathering, but it is properly creepy.

16“The only thing getting lit this Halloween are my fall scented candles.

For those of us who don’t need alcohol to have FUN!

17Where my ghouls at?”

Okay, okay, we’re sorry.

With cute quotes like this for all of your decorating needs, you’re already the Halloween queen.

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