17 affordable Mason Pearson hair brush alternatives

Shopping a luxury brand can be a real treat, and there are times when splurging on a high-quality, beautiful product makes total sense. Most of us, however, have to pick and choose where to spend our money depending on our beauty priorities. So if you’re someone who has always wanted a Mason Pearson hair brush but can’t quite justify the over-$100 price tag at this moment, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of alternatives at a wide range of price points.

The reason Mason Pearson brushes are so effective is due to the boar bristles. They distribute the natural oils from your scalp through your hair, keeping it shiny and strong. People swear they have less breakage and fewer split ends. One of the great things about the beauty industry becoming more diverse is that (along with better shade ranges and formulas) there are lots of affordable options. With so many alternatives, you’ll be sure to find exactly what suits your needs and personal taste at exactly the price range you can afford. You just need to do a little digging.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and came up with an affordable list of boar bristle hair brushes. You’ll still feel incredibly pampered and spoiled, we promise. We included both boar bristle brushes as well as natural, eco-friendly, and vegan alternatives for those who still want to experience the gentle luxury of a boar bristle brush that is also cruelty-free.

Here are 17 alternatives to the Mason Pearson hair brush.

1Umberto Boar & Nylon Round Brush, $8.99


Get the softest blowout of your life with this round brush. You’ll feel like you just left the salon.

2Fuchs Brushes Ambassador Hairbrushes Natural Bristle Wood, $24.96


Protect your hair from the elements with this classic wooden hair brush.

3Goody Shine Enhancing Shine Finish with Natural Boar Bristle Brush, $12.99


You can’t beat this price, with natural boar bristles to boot!

4Denman Natural Boar Bristle Grooming Brush, $22.99


This lovely brush comes in a variety of sizes and can be both ordered online and found at your local beauty supply store.

5Cebra Ethical Skincare Sisal Hair Brush, $27.60


This natural, eco-friendly alternative is as lovely to look at as it is effective.

6Brush Strokes Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Brush, $7.49


You won’t go back to your regular brush once you try this one. It helps to seal split ends, adds body, conditions and minimizes breakage.

7Sephora Collection Gloss: Dual Boar Paddle Brush, $22


This brush is made with 100% natural boar bristles that are reinforced with nylon pins, making it a universally beloved brush that smooths and gently detangles all hair types and textures.

8Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion Supreme Combo Oval Cushioned Paddle Brush, $24.95


This brush features ion technology that incorporates high-quality tourmaline to smooth and restore your hair’s natural balance.

9Misel Professional Hair Brush, $19.97


This brush is so gentle that you can use it on hair extensions and not have to worry about them snagging or ripping out.

10Earth Therapeutics Bamboo Natural Bristle Brush, $9.79


Another great animal-friendly version, this brush minimizes static, softens and detangles hair while also being easy on the environment.

11Beachwaver Mini On Set Pro Brush, $22.50


Toss this guy in your purse and never worry about unmanageable, frizzy tangles again.

12Sonovera Boar Bristle Brush, $13.99


The brush’s wooden handle would look gorgeous on your vanity.

13Dovahlia Boar Bristle Brush, $24.99


This wood-handled brush is not only beautiful but comes with a wooden comb and a lovely bag to keep it in good shape.

14BV Plus Boar Bristle Hair Brush, $16.98


The small brush head makes it a great choice for those who have shorter hair.

15Shone Body Beech Wood Brush, $10.95


This bamboo wood brush has a beautiful finish and a durable rubber cushioned pad.

16Hairby Oval Boar Bristle Brush, $15.99


This brush also has nylon bristles to help detangle hair and be multi-functional.

17Desert Breeze Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, $32.75


The lovely butterfly detail on the handle adds a little pizazz to this high-quality, Calcutta boar bristle brush.

Are you convinced to make the switch? It’s a nice reminder to be gentle with our hair and add a smidge of old-world luxury to our everyday hair routine.

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