16 Signs You’ve Found Your BFF(s)

FULL DISCLOSURE. At any major social gathering with my nearest and dearest, there are always two guarantees: I’m going to laugh a lot and at some point I’m going to want us all to go around the room and say what we’re thankful for. Of course everyone is all blah blah blah not again. The only time my friends play along is during our annual Friendsgiving when they’re all too stuffed with turkey and all the fixings, no longer able to fight me and my Hallmark wishes. So yes, I want us to all play this silly game but really, my answer is always the same and it’s nice!

I am the most thankful for all of my beautiful and wonderful friends.

Some of you might be loners by choice – I respect you but I don’t understand you – and others of you may be loners by circumstance – you got out of a relationship and somehow lost some BFFs in the process or maybe you just moved here? (I’ve been there too and believe: you will get through this.) Wherever you may be on the friends spectrum, we all need a refresher course! Here are some surefire ways to know when you’ve found your inner core, your wolf pack, your BFFs.

They are totally fine with your “I prefer to not wear pants 90% of the time” mantra.

They go with you to see that show that you really wanted to go to and even when the show runs 3-4 hours late they stay, and manage to make cake a la mode appear while you wait.

You always owe each other money but realize it will all balance out somehow over the years.

You call each other’s parents by their first names.

They don’t ask about that one guy you were going out with who they’d felt funny about but didn’t want to hurt your heart – when you realized he wasn’t James Franco they listened to all of your analytical rants without question.

You have each other’s romantic histories memorized and know which ones are all clear to joke about.

They switch places with you before pictures because yes, you have a good side.

You go with them to that Nicholas Sparks movie because they wanted you to and when you cried they did not dare laugh.

You can take them anywhere and they will be both fun and engaging, usually leaving with great stories and a handful of new friends.

Your text message strand, full of one-liners and emojis, would make zero sense to the rest of the free world.

They know your fake that wasnt really funny but I dont want to offend you or make this weird laugh and will call you out if ever used on them.

They know all of your guilty pleasures and still love you, i.e. Taylor Swift, watchingThe Voice,cheesy80s cover bands who wear sailor hats.

They love you when youre not such a fun human to be around and despite whatever mood youre in or topic youre stressing about to the highest level of annoyance, theyre still sitting across from you at brunch.

They know your closet backwards and forwards and sure, borrow anything you like!

You never run out of topics to discuss or laugh about.

They will never like yourcrazy ex. Ever.

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