16 Paris tweets remembering last year’s attacks in honor of the victims

One year ago, on November 13, 2015, the world went red, white, and blue. The world felt silent and patriotic in support of Paris, after the gruesome terror attacks at six locations throughout the region. One year later, these Paris tweets remembering the attacks are somber way to remember the victims. At least 130 people lost their lives on that grave night; hundreds more were wounded. The Paris attacks were committed at Stade de France, La Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon, Cafe Bonne Biere, La Belle Equipe, Comptoir Voltaire, and Bataclan, a concert hall where the U.S. band Eagles of Death Metal were playing. For those unassuming Parisians, expats, and tourists, this gruesome string of events were a total shock. Indeed, the rest of the world was startled and heartbroken as well. Hearing about the brutal slaying of so many innocent civilians still remains a hard pill to swallow.

Today, the world continues to mourn this grave tragedy that took the lives of so many. Here are 16 tweets remembering last year’s Paris attacks, in honor of all those affected by that fateful night:


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“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”: the national motto of France


Some mourners paid their respects by sharing beautiful colors of monuments lit in solidarity with Paris.


And for some, today marks a tragedy that hit exceptionally close to home.

The common theme across all of these tweets is the heaviness and sorrow that still runs so deep for so many people. To anyone who has been affected by the Paris terror attacks last year, we are thinking of you today and everyday.

Although it is painful to have another day in our calendars that serves as a somber reminder of the darkness in the world, let’s also remember the light. There is so much good out there; let’s not forget that… even on sorrowful days like these.

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