16 National Cookie Day tweets that are making us ~very~ hungry for cookies

Everyday seems like it’s an absurd ‘national day of SOMETHING’ that we’d never heard of. One day it’s pizza and the next it’s pizza-roll day and our stomachs can’t keep up! (But of course we still try.) However, today is actually important because December 4th is National Cookie Day and the internet is not a safe place right now because cookies are everywhere.  On social media platforms of the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat we are faced with a bombardment of cookie porn in celebration of this momentous occasion.

These pictures will be suitable for work, but the amount of hunger that they’re inciting is turning us all into IRL Cookie Monsters, and no cookie is safe from our mouths.

These are some of the best cookies to drool at for National Cookie Day:





Craving Cookies now?

Brace yourselves though, National Brownie Day is coming next week.