16 Food Hacks That You’ll Actually Use

We’ve all seen those food hacks that look amazing and then you try them yourself and. . .nope. Didn’t work. Or they’re hacks that, while neat, you’d never actually bother with. I mean, who is actually going to ask the host for a muffin liner to put over their drink at a BBQ to try to keep bugs out? For real, that’s a food hack.

But then there are those rare food hacks that are actually the most useful things you’ve ever learned. From a gluten-free conversion chart to how to pack a salad for work without the lettuce getting soggy, we compiled this list of food hacks that will change your life—or at least the portion of your life you spend cooking.

1. Food & wine pairing cheat sheet

Knowing which wines go with which foods is a basic step to feeling like a real adult—and to preparing delicious meals.Wine Pairing Chart infographic by madelinep.

2. Perfectly-shaped french fries

By using an apple corer to cut your potato, the wedges will become the perfect shape for oven-baked french fries.