15 weird movies on Netflix that will make you question humanity

Why are we all here? Why do we like the things we do? Who in their right mind would join a cult or think to make millions off fake wine? We’re all extremely complex beings existing in an equally complex and, honestly, pretty strange world. These certifiably 15 weird Netflix movies will make you question humanity and make you wonder who your neighbors really are.

And if you’re ever in the mood to ponder your own mortality or to delve into the otherness of another person’s lifestyle, Netflix is truly the place to do so. With the vast amount of quirky, and sometimes tragic, documentaries and sci-fi dramas Netflix has to offer, you have enough material to keep you guessing for years — maybe even decades!

Snuggle up with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and call over a friend to whom you can turn to with your jaw dropped at the end of the movie and share a collective, “WHAT??” And although we’d love to recommend you marathon these movies, you’re going to need a brain break between them. Trust us.

Without any further hesitation, here are fifteen movies on Netflix that will make question, well, pretty much everything.

1Holy Hell


He raised his followers up, making them believe they had a purpose in life and in return they would follow wherever he led. But this documentary unravels the utopia one man built and destroyed and shows the dangerous power a single person can hold over an entire following.

2Eyes Wide Shut


Perhaps one of Stanley Kubrick’s oddest films, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star as husband and wife who explore the possibility of infidelity. While doing so, Cruise’s character gets entwined within a masked secret erotic society in which he realizes he has explored too much.

3World’s Greatest Dad


When his unkind son accidentally kills himself, an unsuccessful writer (played by Robin Williams) pens a fake suicide note to detract from family scandal. The note ends up being his best work yet, so Williams’ character decides to continue to work under his dead son’s name and write an entire fake diary for the world to read. Twisted.

4The Witness


If you see or hear something bad happening, you have two options — call the police or pretend you didn’t see or hear anything. When a young woman is brutally murdered by a stranger, it is revealed her killing was witnessed by 38 people who decided to choose the latter. Can neighbors really be so cruel?

5Sour Grapes


One wouldn’t think wine would have anything to do with massive financial turmoil. But in actuality, buyers and sellers of high-priced wine — including some of the wealthiest and powerful men in America — were bamboozled by a fraud who manipulated people into thinking he was a wine god.

6A Good American


One of the best code-breakers the U.S. had ever employed created a piece of technology that could pick up any electronic signal on Earth and filter through it for potential terrorist targets. It was almost a perfect system yet the NSA dropped the program three weeks before 9/11. This documentary reveals why the system was dropped and if it could have changed the future of our world.

7Funny Games U.S.


Michael Haneke’s 2007 psychological thriller is a shot-for-shot remake of his own 1997 Austrian film. The plot revolves around two beautiful madmen who take a family hostage for unknown reasons. It will make you uncomfortable and leave you with major trust issues, so viewer be warned.

8Amanda Knox


Hear the story straight from the girl next door’s mouth and cast your own judgement as to whether Amanda Knox is guilty for murdering Meredith Kercher. And if Knox, the innocent-looking school girl, is guilty, could that mean that anyone and everyone is capable of murder?

9The Similars


When a strange storm rains down upon the city — or perhaps the entire world — a group of strangers in a bus station must grapple with the fact that this is no normal storm. Will they band together to survive or will their differences cause chaos and their ultimate demise?

10John Dies at the End


A new mind-altering drug can help you travel through time and space and learn the secrets of the universe. But users beware — once you take it, you may not come back from the trip as the human you once were. Now on the brink of an alien-like invasion, humanity must be saved by two good-for-nothings, John and Dave.

11The Imposter


Their 13-year-old son goes missing. Three years later, he’s found in Spain. But something about young Nicholas has changed and his family isn’t quite sure if this person who has come home to them is Nicholas or not. But if this boy isn’t Nicholas, then who is he?

12Donnie Darko


What’s real and what’s imaginary? In Donnie’s head, he’s not sure and soon enough, the people around him aren’t sure either. Donnie could be just imagining things in his head or he could be uncovering a bigger plot that proves we are all just pawns within a larger, and perhaps sinister, plan.

13Finders Keepers


It’s a story so strange it will seriously make you question peoples’ priorities. Finders Keepers is a documentary that follows a man trying to win back his amputated leg from a man who bought a vacant storage locker in which said leg was housed. But out of the ridiculousness comes heart which is what makes this film questionable yet poignant.

14What Happened to Monday?


In a new world in which siblings are not allowed to exist, seven identical septuplet sisters must assume one identity in order to go undetected by their community and the government. But when one of the sisters doesn’t come home, the other six must risk their lives to find her.

15Never Let Me Go


What is it that makes us human — our functionality or our emotions? This heart-wrenching film tells the story of three friends who are removed from the confines of their boarding school and face the reality of their futures and what makes their existence meaningful.

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