15 vintage baby girl names that are making a comeback

Coming up with a name for your newborn baby can be a job in itself. You can always look toward a celebrity for inspiration, but chances are that someone you know is planning to name their offspring Kylie or Taylor. If you’re in need of a unique moniker for your bb, why not go old-school?

Like fashion trends, names that were popular decades ago sometimes come back around. According to data from the Social Security Administration, vintage names — like Wesley, Everett, and Henry — are showing up on modern-day lists for boys, but it’s retro girl names that are making a big comeback. While names like Isabella and Ava may have been at the top for a while, other old-timey names have been popping up over the past five years as well.

Here are 15 vintage baby girl names that may remind you of your grandma or great-grandma (in the most adorable way, of course).

1. Alice


If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you might want to consider this name, which was popular in 1890.

2. Evelyn

Evelyn is a gorgeous, 1930s-era name that is making its way back to birth certificates.

3. Eleanor

This name might conjure up inspirational quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt.

4. Josephine


This is a sweet handle for a girl even if you aren’t a jazz fan.

5. Hazel

A cute vintage name that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski picked for their daughter.

6. Ruby

The name Ruby was big in the ’20s and would be a perfectly darling pick today.

7. Audrey

Two words: Audrey Hepburn. Who wouldn’t want to be named after such a talented actress and classic style icon?

8. Grace


Grace has been at the top of name lists for a while and we can see why — it’s just charming.

9. Stella

It might be hard to easily find this on a personalized keychain, but this celestial-inspired moniker is adorable.

10. Catherine

A strong, feminine name that has been used in literary classics.

11. Margaret

Popular in 1900s, Margaret might also bring to mind a certain former British prime minister.

12. Daisy


A cute flower, and a cuter name to boot.

13. Amelia

This 1900s-era name also belongs to one of the world’s greatest heroines — Amelia Earhart.

14. Violet

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose this throwback name for one of their daughters.

15. Cora

As Nameberry points out, this name has been on a rollercoaster of popularity throughout the decades, including having a top 20 position in the 1880s.