15 Times We Fell in Love With Katy Perry

Katy Perry does it all: She cranks out mega-hit after mega-hit, puts on killer shows around the world, voices our favorite cartoon character, mentors young girls, rocks purple hair like nobody’s business, and cracks us up with her tweets. She even finds time to get her cat, Kitty Purry, in on the action. (Seriously, how lucky is this cat?) Now comes her latest venture, launching her own record label, Metamorphosis Music. This isn’t just exciting news for Perry, it’s big doings for women who are largely underrepresented as executives in the music business. It’s inspiring to see Perry in charge, and we just know she’ll rise to the challenge like she always does. In honor of her new label, we took a look back at some of the awesome moments in Perry’s career that made her the dynamic and influential pop queen she is today.

1. When Perry released “I Kissed a Girl” and kicked off her career as a pop singer

Before Katy Perry was Katy Perry, she was Katy Hudson, and she recorded a Christian pop album, which only sold 100 copies. Perry wasn’t always the mega-successful singer she is now, but she gained our attention and our infinite love when her song about bi-curiosity came out in 2008.

2. When she released “Dark Horse,” which was inspired by The Craft

The base drop on “Dark Horse” is perfection, and the song’s nebulous nature is super intense and addictive. Best of all, Katy Perry revealed she was going through a ‘90s phase while writing Prism, and “Dark House,” consequently, had a lot of witchy elements. Like The Craft, “Dark Horse” is about casting a spell over a boy who better surrender to her love or ELSE.

3. When Perry got a lock of hair from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift just because

We’re not the only ones who hardcore fan-girl out. Katy Perry once said, “The first time I was at the Grammys, I shared a dressing room with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. I asked for a lock of hair from each. I put little bows around them and put them in my empty purse and carried it around with me. That was really creepy, but awesome! And that’s my secret. And I’m a freak.”

4. That “California Girls” Candyland-themed music video

Most likely, when you think of Katy Perry, you think of this video. And how you could not when she topped off the song with, uh, literally whipped cream. From her chest.

5. When she released “Firework,” her third number one hit, and dedicated it to the It Gets Better campaign

The It Gets Better project aligns itself with the LGBTQ movement and helps prevent bullying. Perry tweeted, “I am officially dedicating my new video to #itgetsbetter, because everyone has the spark to be a FIREWORK,” which is just so, so inspirational.

6. When she voiced Smurfette in the big screen version of The Smurfs (and The Smurfs 2!)

Ironically, when she was a teenager, her parents didn’t let her watch The Smurfs (or read Harry Potter!), but she made up for all that later in life.

7. Her awe-inspiring 2012 Billboard Awards performance of “Wide Awake” 

Going through an unimaginably hard and emotional time after her marriage ended, Katy vented by performing the break-up song, “Wide Awake” while swinging over her audience at the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas. She may have fallen from cloud nine, but she wasn’t falling down from her brave performance.


8. The release of her documentary Part of Me

And it was a perfected, honest, and funny peek into who Katy Perry really is.

9. That time she had lunch with Michelle Obama

Not many people get to celebrate their 28th birthday by going to lunch with the First Lady. Perry? Yup, been there, done that.

10. When she was on the cover of V magazine with Madonna

The cover presents the two powerhouses by contrasting Madonna’s blonde hair with Perry’s pitch-black bob. It was the kind of cover that made you realize, there’s a new queen of pop in town and, like Madonna, she’s here to stay.

11. That time she presented the weather on Australian TV

Perry stopped by an Australian news channel while on tour, and delivered the weather report (with lots of references to Harry Potter), just because.

12. When she performed wearing a ballot dress in 2012

When Katy Perry was performing in one of her shows in Vegas, she proudly displayed her support for President Obama by wearing a ballot dress with a filled in square for his name.

13. That one Halloween when she dressed up as Jane from Daria

And channelled her angsty, ’90s spirit.

14. When she performed with The Rolling Stones in 2013

Because music legends belong together (on stage at least).

15. The time Katy Perry and Hellogiggles’ own Rivka Rossi hung out at Coachella!  

This is what dreams are made of.

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